Air Lift Kit w/Manual Controls | R55 | R56 | R57 | MINI (NLA)

Part# BAG_Gen2R5X_ManualFullKit

Our manual management kits are controlled by paddle valves instead of electric valves, which give you the most affordable setup possible while maximizing reliability. All of our full air ride kits are engineered to improve ride quality, increase performance and add maximum height adjust-ability. Now you can get over those annoying speed bumps while still retaining the ability to roll as low as possible.

Suspension Includes:

- (2) Front air struts

- (2) Rear air bags with brackets

- Anodized end caps with corrosion resistant paint on the struts

- (4) Bag fittings matched to your line size

- All required hardware

- 1 year manufacturer warranty

- Detailed instruction manual with pictures (Air Lift only)

Management Includes:

- (4) Paddle valves

- Compressor(s) of your choice

- 40 amp relay(s) for your compressor(s)

- A tank of your choice

- Complete fitting pack

- Inflation valve

- Pressure switch

- 1/4" air line

- Line cutter

- Free technical support


  • Manual management kits always use 1/4" lines

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