Airlift Tapered Sleeve Replacement Kit (Rear Bags)



Part# BR01286

Does This Fit Your Car?

This kit replaces Air Lift Company's 58130 tapered sleeve bags with Firestone 9000 tapered sleeve bags and required hardware.

In order to match pressure and spring rate for each corner this kit includes 2 bags because the Firestone 9000 sleeve bags are slightly larger and have a different rubber thickness over the Air Lift sleeve bags.

(2) Firestone 9000 sleeve bags
(4) 3/8"-16 top mounting bolts. (Different from the Air Lift sleeve bag bolts)
(4) 3/8" crush washers
(4) 3/8" washers
(2) 1/4" or 3/8" PTC to 1/4" NPT swivel elbows

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