ALTA Cat-back Exhaust - R5X MINI Cooper S (NLA)


ALTA exhaust systems are made entirely of 304 stainless steel, from beginning to end. 304SS provides high corrosion resistance, and is durable under extreme conditions including heat up to 1800 degrees!

ALTA technicians have proven time and time again that 3" makes more power while still keeping exhaust tones under control. Our huge 3" exhaust only weighs just little pound more than the stock 2.3" exhaust. You don't sacrifice anything by going with the ALTA 3" exhaust so don't be fooled that 2.5" exhaust systems are big enough for your turbocharged MINI Cooper. ALTA Performance mufflers have a true 3" internal diameter for uninterrupted exhaust flow. ALTA mufflers and flange connections are 3" throughout the entire length, (never necked down even at transition points) for ultra smooth transitions throughout the system.

Twin over-sized slash cut exhaust tips keep with OEM styling, but add an aggressive look at the same time. The tips are a high polished, dual-wall construction to add a more refined look and to ensure the tips do not dis-color with extreme heat.

The ALTA Cat-Back exhaust features high tech v-band clamps for a simple yet perfect exhaust connection. V-band clamps are designed to hold hundreds of pounds of pressure and do so without the need for a gasket! This connection provides a precise connection with the ability to rotate each joining connection. This allows for easy installation, and alignment adjustments for a perfect fit every time.

This Alta exhaust system has a brushed metal finish. The brushed finish has a grainy metal look which is easily maintained with a Scotchbrite abrasive pad.

The ALTA Cat-Back Exhaust has solid gains of 10 Wheel HP and 10 ft-lbs of torque. While 10 WHP is very noticeable, more noticeable is that the turbo spools roughly 200 RPM sooner. This quicker spool means more low end power!

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