ALTA Rally Light Bar w/o Lights - R5X MINI (First Gen) (NLA)

Part# AMPETR105

While this product was inspired by Classic rally and Classic CooperSport Mini's from many years ago it has become a wonderful addition to street driven modern MINI's! ALTA created our initial version many years ago and this is our latest and greatest. Combining improved mounting, light adjustability and construction hasn't forced a change in that wonderful improvement to the look of the MINI, nor hindered the improvements in lighting!

The aluminum front plate is contoured to the arch of the front bumper for a perfect fit. The mounting brackets are made entirely of cold rolled steel for a solid, vibration free foundation. All components are given a protective texture black powder coating for durability and corrosion resistance.

The ALTA Rally Light bar easily mounts directly to the metal bumper support beam. NO vibrations, NO bounce, NO jiggle. Once installed the front bumper and light bar can easily be removed as one piece, easing access for future engine service and repair.

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