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Your Audi S6 4.0L BiTurbo TFSI engine does not operate using the standard air-to-air intercooler of yesterday. Like many modern turbocharged European vehicles, it uses coolant to lower the charged intake air temperatures through an air-to-water heat exchanger.

Your Audi S6 4.0L BiTurbo TFSI engine does not operate using the standard air-to-air intercooler of yesterday. Like many modern turbocharged European vehicles, it uses coolant to lower the charged intake air temperatures through an air-to-water heat exchanger. While this method works well, it can quickly become heat-soaked, robbing horsepower – a big problem for you as an enthusiast.

Your solution is the Alpha Turbo Cooler System which features a large, high efficiency heat exchanger, an additional reservoir that holds over a gallon of coolant and a high flow pump which runs in union with the factory pump. Whether you live in a warm region of the world, enjoy long spirited drives in the mountains or run long sessions at your local track, the S6/S7 Turbo Cooler will keep your intake temps low, maintaining your 4.0L V-8 twin-turbocharged engine’s maximum output.

The ‘Core’ of the System

The most important part of turbo cooler system is the heat exchanger core. Skimping here could mean the overall performance of an ‘upgraded’ system might be worse than stock! While the OEM unit is a single pass design with a core area of 156in^2, our Alpha core is a high quality, triple pass unit in which the coolant makes three passes through the heat exchanger – compare this to competing boost cooling kits which use a single pass design. Our premium core is made in the UK with a fin area of 417in^2. That’s almost three times the surface area of the stock core! For added durability, the fins are hemmed, giving it the added strength to withstand abuse from road debris.

Increased Coolant Capacity, Decreased Heat Soak

The hand-fabricated Alpha coolant reservoir acts as a large heat sink so that coolant temperatures are kept low and stable. With over one gallon more coolant on board, it increases the cycle time of the coolant in your S6/S7, allowing more heat to dissipate before recirculating back into the system. By acting as a large thermal heat sink, the Alpha coolant reservoir is yet another feature that keeps horsepower-killing heat soak at bay.

Pumping Up the Power!

To give you the best possible performance and to keep the coolant flowing efficiently through the larger Alpha heat exchanger, we added an additional high flow brushless pump to run in conjunction with the OEM brushless pump. The combination of the two pumps allow for a very high flow rate in order to keep fluid moving. The additional brushless pump also maintains that flow rate at higher pressures, giving you the assurance your car will stay cool in hot climates, extended track sessions or everyday driving. See graph below for pump data.

The Devil is in the Details:

To provide your S6/S7 with the best turbo cooling system on the market, we thoroughly tested multiple variations of the Alpha Turbo Cooler System. We tested divorced and non-divorced systems and found that divorcing the system provided no real gains, only added complexity. After discovering that the stock pump flow rate diminishes drastically after 8psi, we added an additional brushless pump to support the higher pressure needed to maintain flow. Data log after data log was recorded and the results were analyzed until our engineers were completely satisfied.

All testing/logging was performed on our Dynojet dynamometer doing 1st through 5th gear pulls with conditions and ambient air temps being equal.

Post Intercooler Air Temperature:

The graph below shows the difference between stock vs Alpha air temperatures after the air has passed through the intercooler. Cooler air temp means more horsepower!

Post Intercooler Coolant Temperature:

The graph below shows the difference in coolant temperature between the stock system and the Alpha Turbo Cooler Kit after the coolant has passed through the intercooler to cool the air charge. Lower coolant temps mean the car can maintain maximum output!

Pre Intercooler Coolant Temperature:

The graph below shows the ability of the Alpha system to pull more heat out of the cooling system. Notice how the water temps stay more consistent with the Alpha Cooler. If heat rejection was the same between the stock and Alpha system, the lines would trend the same.

Unparalleled Fitment Through Proper Engineering

As with all Alpha products, everything needed to install the system is included – bolts, fittings, lines etc. Best of all, no drilling or modifications to the car are required. It’s a 100% bolt on affair!

Do it right the first time, order your Audi S6/S7 Turbo Cooler System today!


  • High quality triple pass heat exchanger
  • Hand-fabricated coolant reservoir
  • Brushless coolant pump
  • 4-ply heavy duty silicone
  • Brushless pump plug-in jumper harness
  • All hardware needed for install

Exclusive Benefits

  • Much better heat rejection vs. stock
  • No loss of horsepower due to heat soak
  • Car runs cooler all the time
  • Cooler intake temps boost engine power output
  • Increased efficiency of the OEM intercooler
  • No drilling or modification to the car required – 100% bolt on!


  • 2013-2018 Audi S6 w/ 4.0T (C7 chassis)
  • 2013-2018 Audi S7 w/ 4.0T (C7 chassis)

Product Notes

  • Some international markets have S6 and S7 models fitted with auxiliary cabin heaters in the same area that the Alpha coolant reservoir is intended to be installed. This heater system will need to be deleted or relocated in order to install the Alpha Performance C7 S6/S7 Turbo Cooler System.

Kit Instructions

  • Alpha Performance Audi C7 S6/S7 Turbo Cooler System Install Instructions can be downloaded here.

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