ATP Turbo Front Mount Intercooler Kit - Audi 2.0T B7 A4 (NLA)

Part# ATP-VVW-191

Due to popular demand, all pipes are now shipped with polished aluminum finish.

Front mount intercooler kit for the Audi B7 A4 2.0T FSI engine. Featuring an efficient Garrett GT 400HP intercooler core with ATP contoured cast end tanks. 2.5" mandrel bent and lightweight charge pipes joined with multi-layer turbo grade silicone connectors.

This strategically placed FMIC gets plenty of airflow to make use of the high density bar and plate Garrett GT core and replaces the two inefficient side mounted stock units that get poor airflow from the smaller ducts.

Performance gains come from a consistent 20-30 degree drop in peak temperature resulting in less knock and more HP and reliability due to the cooler charge. The new GT core also regains a lot of the pressure drop inherent in both factory intercoolers so boost response is better and the turbo works less and makes more power. In addition to the power gains, you can expect a smoother powerband, less hesitation due to heatsoak and the an engine that will be much happier even with ÒspiritedÓ driving occasions. 

As a side note: This FMIC upgrade is a welcomed compliment to our (soon to be released) GT28RS/GT3071R upgraded turbo kit for the B7 2.0T Audi A4. The turbo kit will provide supplementary piping that will connect right up to the piping in this FMIC so you donÕt have to buy anything twice. This FMIC has proven to handle airflow requirements to make over 400WHP alongside a Garrett turbo upgrade once called upon.

Kit includes mounting bracket, bolts, clamps, and hoses. Bolt-on installation and only trimming of 2 small non-functional tabs on the bumper cover is required. Nice snug fit and easy to install.

Note: Super-imposed images shown to illustrate the nice fit of the system behind the front bumper cover. Optional 600HP core if you want to cut into the bumper support bar. Mounting points remain the same.

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