ATP Turbo GTX3071R 600HP Turbo Kit & Manifold - VW/Audi 2.0T FSI & TSI / GTI / GLI / A3 / S3 (NLA)

Part# ATP-VVW-308

Garrett GEN2 GTX3071R turbo kit by ATP Turbo! This turbo kit is capable of supporting over 600HP for the FWD 2.0T FSI/TSI, MKV and MKVI VW Golf/GTI/Jetta and Audi A3 featuring a host of components such as exhaust manifold flanged for GT/T3 series, Garrett GEN2 GTX3071R dual ball bearing turbo with GT V-band exhaust housing outlet, Tial 44mm wastegate with V-band connections, 3" all stainless V-band downpipe and rear transition pipe to stock exhaust, wastegate reroute tube and v-band connections in/out, all stainless coolant and oil lines and fittings, 3" inlet pipe kit with 3" MAF housing along with intermediate inlet pipe with integrated breather ported connection, diverter valve reroute, intermediate charge pipe outlet kit to meet with ATP FMIC pipe.

You are recommended to source a fueling/tuning solution to compliment this turbo kit. We found that the stock fuel system maxes out at crank 350HP on 91 octane, which translates to about 15-16 psi max on this turbo kit. This means you can take a typical 1 bar chip that runs a bit on the rich side on the stock turbo and make very good power with just the bolt-on hardware. Just make sure the program doesn't hit boost cut when you hit 15-16 psi peak boost. You can run directly off the wastegate pressure and have a ball with this amount of power until a bigger injector fueling solution becomes available. Always watch your air/fuel mixture to make sure you don't go lean when turning up the boost with any boost control device. 

During removal of the stock turbo, the factory diverter valve (attached to the stock turbo) is also removed from the vehicle. As a result, a new diverter valve solution is required and not included in the turbo kit. We recommend Product Code: ATP-VVW-212 to integrate the factory diverter valve into the charge pipe system.

The turbo kit was designed for numerous Volkswagen vehicles from the MK5 and MK6 generations (model years 2006 to 2014), but requires minor fabrication work by the installer to fit the intake and plumb the charge pipes for the specific vehicle. Please plan on fabrication work to complete the installation process. We recommend consulting an experienced installer to scope out the total work required to install the turbo kit.

For further inquires please reach out to our sales team

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