Automatic Headlight Conversion Kit | Mk5 Golf | Jetta | B6 | B7 Passat | CC (NLA)

Part# Mk5_Auto_Switch_Kit

Complete plug and play kit for automatic headlights for your Mk5 Golf/Jetta. In about as much time as it takes to wash your car you can have automatic headlights working on your car! This simple plug and play kit requires no splicing, coding or cutting to install. Just remove your stock headlight switch... route the light sensor to your dash area of your choice... plug sensor into new switch and install the switch. Easy as that!

As a bonus the Euro Switch is a direct replacement for the OEM headlight switch that includes all factory positions and extra positions for:

  • Parking Lights
  • Front Fog Lights
  • Automatic Headlight / Tail Light Activation
  • Marker lights with Fog Lights
  • Rear Fog Lights
  • Allows activation of "Coming Home" feature

The coming home / leaving home feature is used to leave courtesy lighting on for a specific period once exiting the car or pressing the unlock button on the remote.

Programming Instructions:
Learn and remember the light condition for headlights. Turn switch in the following sequence: Auto -> head light -> Auto, setup is completed after you will hear 3 sounds of D". Headlights will automatically turn on on this light condition next time.

* Note: Coding with VAG-COM is required to enable the Coming Home feature.

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