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"They told me from the start of my build that the AWE Tuning intercoolers would do wonders. This was surely true, and proven when I tracked my car the first time since the intercoolers were installed (DIY install as well). I noticed no loss in power during long sessions of track time and even in some hot conditions. I'm stoked to have AWE in my corner working with me and also as friends that I love to hang out with. They know what it takes to be fast and have a good time while doing it." -- Bucky Lasek

Inlet Air Temperatures are a major area of concern for any turbocharged car. With many modified 996TTs producing greater than factory horsepower figures, the limits of the stock intercooling system have been far exceeded.

Capable of handling well over 700hp, our 996TT Intercoolers are the best solution for owners looking to upgrade their factory system with a properly engineered solution.

We designed a cast end tank utilizing sophisticated CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software to ensure proper flow distribution through the end tanks and intercooler. Tested extensively on the dyno, street and track, these intercoolers will perform flawlessly no matter the environment.

Compared to stock, our cores are 37% larger (422 cubic inches vs 308 cubic inches). In contrast to the stock cores, ours are a high flow bar and plate style and are built to our charge row and fin count specs. These specifications resulted in improved intake temperatures by a massive 55F and improved drop pressure resistance through the core by 1 psi. Considering that extremely little trimming is involved to fit such effective units to the car, this is a huge engineering feat.

Unique Highlights of our kit design:
  • Efficient bar/plate core style
  • Cast and machined end tanks for optimized air flow
  • Thick silicone boost hoses with proper profile where they mate to turbo
  • T-bolt clamps for extreme clamping force
  • Direct plug and play install that is easily reversible
  • +16 crank hp dyno verified

In addition to the superior core and end tank design, our kit also features 6-ply silicone hoses with gentle curves to prevent bursting under pressure. Further, our hoses use a Nomex braiding for superior strength, instead of more common polyester. The very best materials and industry leading engineering separate this kit from all others on the market. To ensure OE reliability, we use CNC Machined factory style aluminum connections to mate our hoses to the factory Y-pipe.

Whether you are simply running enhanced software, or are planning on a larger turbo upgrade for your car, our intercoolers solve all heat related issues that come with more turbo boost. Keeping your intake air temperatures low results in more power, better engine output stability when outside temps climb, and the safety margin needed when pushing the limit.

Please note, AWE Tuning Porsche 996TT Performance Intercoolers are for racing use only.

⚠️CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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