AWE Tuning Wiring Harness Relocation Kit | Audi B8 A4 | S4 | A5 | S5 | Q5 | A7 | S7 (NLA)

Part# 8410-11001

A simple solution to a potentially huge problem. We specifically designed this bracket to prevent catastrophic damage to the factory wiring harness inside the front wheel wells caused by suspension components contacting the wiring harness at full compression.

On several newer Audis, the wiring harness is routed through the front fenderwell, which makes it extremely vulnerable to damage when the suspension is at full compression. Lowering your vehicle only serves to exacerbate this issue.

Discovering this issue, AWE Tunings Engineers devised the AWE Tuning Wiring Harness Relocation Kit, engineered specifically to keep your wiring harness out of harms way without compromising the ability for the car to be aligned properly at any ride height.

Machined in-house at AWE Tuning from Billet 6061 Aluminum, the AWE Tuning Wiring Harness Relocation Brackets bolt directly to an existing stud in your Audis wheel well, allowing for a quick, easy installation with no modification required.

In the box:

  • (2) AWE Tuning Wiring Harness Relocation Brackets and all necessary installation hardware.

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