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The AMC cylinder heads have a good reputation on the spare parts market thanks to the high level of quality.

All the manufacturing processes, from the cast part to final packaging are well documented and controlled. Here is some advice to help you differentiate an AMC cylinder head from other lower quality ones on the market.

The packaging: AMC has patented packaging, which is grey with a repetitive AMC logo and white lines in the corner of the box, or a more recent packaging with an AMC logo in large letters at the top of the packaging. This package is reinforced to prevent any damage to the cylinder head in transit.

The label: All AMC, cylinder heads have the same label format with our own reference number to identify the cylinder had packaged in the box. The labels also indicate AMC as an ISO 16949 /TS registered company.

The product: Once the box is open, it is easy to identify an AMC cylinder head. All the cylinder heads have the AMC (registered trademark) engraved directly on the cylinder head, which guarantees its high quality, and also the high quality of all its components: the valve guides, pre-combustion chambers, the valve seats, the valves, camshafts, etc.

To help reach the highest levels of quality, each cylinder head manufactured by AMC is 100% tested to ensure that there are no manufacturing faults before it is packaged, to guarantee client satisfaction.

Raw materials: AMC only uses pure aluminium bars, without any kind of recycled or regenerated contents. Recycled or regenerated aluminium (even in small quantities) does not contain the same metallurgical properties as pure aluminium and can lead to poorer quality casting. Each time aluminium is reused, its metallurgical properties are reduced.

Other manufacturers use aluminium that has been recycled once, twice or even three times. If low cost aluminium is used this can lead to a high incidence of porosity that can cause leaks and cracks, which can appear at any time once the cylinder head is installed and operating under normal conditions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Patented protective packaging
  • Only uses pure un-recycled aluminium
  • ISO 16949 /TS registered company
  • 100% tested
  • Original quality components

    Part #   038-103-351-B / 038103351 B / 038 103 351 B / 038103351B

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