Burger Motorsports Stage 1 Tuner - Mercedes-Benz W205 | C-Class (NLA)

Part# Burger-Benz-W205-CClass-Stage1

Ready to take your Mercedes-Benz W205 turbo to the next level?
This quick install plug and play tuner connects to four easy to reach plugs on top of the engine and safely increases turbocharger output by 3-5psi producing significant power and torque increases. Timing and fueling are appropriately re-scaled for the increased boost and the installation is completely reversible in seconds. Compatible with all wheel drive and rear wheel drive models.

C300 Dyno Results

C-Class Applications:

C200, C250
" 2015+ W205

" 2015+ W205

C400, C43, C450
" 2015+ W205

Based in Simi Valley, California, Burger Motorsports is a manufacturer of high quality performance parts including the famous JB4 tuner, a wide range of air intakes, oil catch cans, and beautiful custom exhaust tips.

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