CETE Lowering Module Porsche Taycan | Air Suspension (NLA)


With this CETE Automotive active suspension control module you have the opportunity to use the full range of your air suspension and control it according to your wishes using the factory controls. Each main suspension mode can have a unique ride height set by the user by the millimeter, lower, higher or stock by using the smartphone app. The new updated system uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone app so no switching wifi networks is needed to access the controller. No additional buttons need to be fitted to the interior of the car and installation is discrete. The show mode function allows the car to be lowered to the maximum level with the touch of button in the smartphone app. The full factory controls stay intact along with all other wireless and Bluetooth functions within the car.



- Complete full range control of ride height
- Factory controls stays fully functional
- Updated intuitive and simple to use app
- Bluetooth connection to app makes for easy use
- Apps available for both Apple IOS and Android OS
- Fully user programmable system
- Features balance control without need for adaptation
- Speed sensitive suspension programmability
- Show mode allows for a fully slammed appearance
- Plug In - Tapping of Two Wires is Required
- Instructions Included for Installation


Fitment: '20+ Taycan (Air Suspension Models)
Included: Controller - (x2), Harness - (x1)

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