Coilpack Wiring Harness Replacement | Mk4 Golf & Jetta 1.8T

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Part# 1J0971658L

Does This Fit Your Car?

Is your Coil pack harness cracking from heat? Here is your updated replacement harness, same as VW p/n 1J0971658L. Cracks in the wiring can lead to misfires and check engine lights flashing. If you've already replaced your coilpacks and spark plugs odds are you have a faulty wiring harness. Upgrade to this newer style harness and get rid of that pesky check engine light!

Click the link below for the official VW tsb.

- Installation Guide per Official VW TSB

NOTE: This kit is made specifically for all 2000-2005 Golf/Jetta 1.8T engines. For the Audi/Passat 1.8T engines this kit is not a direct fit but will work with some slight modification. For this application the 3 pin connector for the speed sensor is not used.

Pin Colors for Reference

  • 2-Red
  • 3-Grey
  • 7-Black
  • 94-Blue
  • 95-Brown 
  • 102-Purple
  • 103-Yellow
  • 121-White

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