Dinan Boost Sensor Adapter Kit for BMW (NLA)

Part# DT310-0100

If you're looking to read actual boost levels, there is no better adapter kit for an auxiliary boost sensor than this one. Dinan uses this sensor adapter on all of their R&D vehicles to measure boost pressure where it matters most - at the factory location in the intake charge pipe. With this kit you can easily attach an auxiliary boost sensor and run your stock sensor at the same time. Reading the boost at the factory location means you see the same data that the ECU does. This adapter is very easy to install and un-install - no drilling, cutting, or modification is required. Not only is the potential for boost leaks virtually eliminated, but it's completely reversible with no trace of use.

Note: Boost gauge not included


  • Clean install. No drilling or cutting required for installation. 100% Bolt on.
  • Allows easy connection of a boost gauge (not included).
  • CNC machined aluminum adapter.
  • Installs at the factory boost sensor location, in between the factory boost sensor and the intake.



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