Dinan Free Flow Axle-Back Exhaust for BMW | F8X | X5M | X6M (NLA)

Part# D660-0054

The F85 X5M and F86 X6M are the quintessential SUV in terms of power and performance with accolades in numerous periodicals crowning them the pinnacle of their class. With the possibility of putting down over 700 HP with a base tune these vehicles are no slouch. Dinan engineers wanted to match this impressive feat with an equally impressive exhaust tone that let those around these SUV's hear the power that lies beneath the hood as well as be able to show it.

The exhaust system was designed to improve exhaust flow by reducing back pressure, resulting in increased power output and a deep sound that is civilized when you want it to be, and pleasantly aggressive under hard acceleration. Dinan also incorporates a Helmholtz chamber design that reduces resonance or "drone" at low RPM. The technology within the can is matched in impressiveness by its outward appearance and design as the system is built to exacting specifications to ensure a simplistic bolt-on installation. It is made from 100% 16 gauge 304 stainless steel and will resist corrosion for years to come. The design features quad 89mm (3.5") black ceramic exhaust tips for a tasteful, high-performance look.

Note: Stock exhaust valve actuators are re-used.


  • +8 HP @ 6000 RPM, +7 lb/ft @ 6000 RPM
  • Uses the factory brackets and hangers for a factory-like fitment
  • Weight Savings
  • Dinan's Tuned Resonance Chamber Technology
  • 100% 304 stainless steel construction
  • Quad 89mm (3.5") laser engraved polished stainless steel or black ceramic exhaust tips
  • Computer controlled valve limits noise during low speed driving, valve opens fully during high-load conditions

Installation Instructions: Dinan F8X X5M/X6M Axle-Back Exhaust D660-0054 Instructions


  • F85 / F86 BMW X5M / X6M - S63 4.4L

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