DinanTronics Stage 2 Tuner for BMW | F1X | M5/M6 | S63 (w/ Comp. Pkg.) (NLA)

Part# D440-1637-ST2

In addition to increasing boost and optimizing the fuel and ignition data, the DinanTronics Power Module is tuned for the Dinan Intake and Dinan Exhaust on the S63. The Dinan tuner box plugs into the existing sockets on your engine computers The original wiring harness plugs into the Dinan tuner box. There is no cutting or splicing into wires and the whole harness is completely reversible at any time.

Because the DinanTronics module plugs directly into the engine computer, it can control the data from every sensor on the engine - not just the two or three that other piggyback-style modules use. Instead of only modifying a boost and RPM sensor, the Dinan power module sends a modified signal for fuel and ignition tables, target Lambda (AFR), exhaust temperature, knock sensors, and more. It has the ability to correct short term fuel trim and ignition timing errors so even as the boost increases through the whole RPM range the engine mapping remains where it should. Not only does it make a lot of peak power, but it's also a smooth and consistent power gain over the entire RPM band. The Dinan tuner module is the most sophisticated on the market and is the only one that is 50-state legal.

This kit fits cars with a mechanical wastegate, which was replaced with an electronic one around production date 6/2013. If your car was produced in June 2013 you should check which one your car has prior to ordering. Installation is plug and play but requires access to the entire engine compartment. The engine computer(s) is part of the intake manifold so access is tight. The Dinan module is installed under the radiator support and the harness has to be run to each computer. Detailed instructions are included but professional installation is strongly advised if you're not used to working around your engine.

Note: This version of the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner is ONLY compatible with M5's/M6's equipped with the Competition Package. Compatibility with the Standard Package is available in a different kit. The DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner currently only works with vehicles equipped with mechanical wastegates. Vehicles with a production date of 07/2016 and newer MAY have a electronic wastegate and will not work with the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner. Only a visual identification is 100% accurate. Please consult the wastegate identification guide HERE to accurately identify what is on the vehicle.

Benefits of the DINANTRONICS Stage 2 Performance Tuner for BMW S63 Engines w/ Competition Package:

  • +75 HP @ 4000 RPM, +109 lb/ft @ 3500 RPM
  • Won't void or negate your warranty
  • Emissions legal in all 50 states
  • Plug & play installation in two hours or less
  • Quick, easy, and discrete installation

    Installation Instructions: DinanTronics D440-1637-ST2 Instructions


    • F10 BMW M5 - S63 4.4L WITH Competition Package
    • F12 / F13 / F06 BMW M6 - S63 4.4L WITH Competition Package

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