FSI Big Turbo Fueling Upgrade Kit (Pump and Injectors) | 2.0T FSi (NLA)

Part# FSi_Fueling_Kit

This kit includes everything needed to upgrade your 2.0T FSi fuel system for up to 500WHP!!

Fuel Injectors

This kit includes a set of four (4) OEM Hitachi (079906036D) B7 RS4 fuel injectors which are primarily used when upgrading fuel systems for VW and Audi FSI motors. These injectors are a great and inexpensive solution for all your 2.0T FSI big turbo fueling needs. Tested to over 500whp, these injectors are commonly used with Unitronic, Eurodyne, and Revo big turbo software.

Fuel Pump

After months of extensive research and design, Autotech is proud to announce the release of our 2.0T Hi-Volume Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit. If you have felt the dreaded fuel cut in your 2.0T powered vehicle, this kit is an absolute must. Through the use of state of the art materials, heat-treating, and aerospace machining we were able to come up with an affordable yet extremely accurate product.

Originally designed as a component for our upcoming turbo upgrade kit, this pump was designed to capacitate 300+ horsepower. Also, gains of 30+ft.lbs. beyond standard stage 2 programming can be obtained with fuel pump specific ECU tuning.

2.0T FSI Hi-Volume Fuel Pump Installation Instructions

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