GIAC DTM Bluetooth Dongle (NLA)

Part# GIAC_DTM_Bluetooth

Enthusiasts can now enjoy GIAC software from their smartphones. GIAC's new Flashloader Wireless App (FWA) offers useful enthusiast tools as well as remote GIAC software switching when used with a GIAC DTM Bluetooth Dongle.

FWA Racer's Toolbox: A collection of useful enthusiast tools including an RPM/MPH calculator, gasket shim utility, quarter mile dyno utility and more.

FWA Switcher Utility: The FWA Switcher Utility is an Android smartphone-compatible version of GIAC's Flashloader Handheld Switcher. Use of the FWA Switcher Utility requires the purchase of GIAC's DME Transceiver Module (DTM) and GIAC performance software.

Additional FWA accessories are in development and will be added as completed via remote firmware updates. The GIAC FWA is available free on the Android Market. Other smartphone platforms may follow. GIAC performance software and the GIAC DTM can be purchased from your local authorized GIAC dealer.



IMPORTANT NOTE: This item requires that GIAC programs are already loaded on your ECU. The DTM Bluetooth Dongle is just a tool to switch those programs already installed using your Smartphone.

If I get a phone call or need to use another App after I have selected my desired mode, what will happen?
Nothing. The last mode selected will remain active in the DME until a new mode is selected even if the FWA, car,
phone or all are powered off.

Can I switch modes while driving?
The "Kill" button can only be selected while the car is on and RPMs are zero. Although the other modes can be
selected while the car is moving, GIAC does not recommend using FWA while driving. For driver safety and the
safety of others, drivers should ensure that the car is parked and out of traffic while operating any Flashloader
switching product. Note: It is against the law to use a computer, cell phone or other device of distraction while

It seems like the FHH switcher would be ideal to use while dyno testing my new software.
For dyno testing the difference between stock and performance, we do not recommend switching between stock
and performance mappings with the Flashloader handheld (FHH) or FWA, while on the dyno. Many data values
are held in ram while the ECU is running. When the user switches performance settings with a switcher, he
changes which maps are used by the ECU, but the maps in memory are not immediately replaced nor are
adaptation values. For precise measurement purposes, the user may need to cycle the ignition, run at wide open
throttle and let the motor cool a few times.

Flashing completely back to stock and then to performance with a GIAC dealer allows for faster adaptation, as
all previous maps and adaptation will be wiped from memory during the process of flashing the ECU. For the
most accurate dyno testing, use the original stock chip versus the GIAC Flash.

What type of gas should I use?
Regular GIAC performance software, indicated by PUMP on the FHH and FWA, requires the highest octane gas
available (91+). GIAC's race programs, indicated by RACE on the FHH and FWA require race gas (100+ octane).

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