Glow Plug - VW/Audi TDi / A6, A7, A8 Quattro / Q5 / Q7 / Beetle / Golf / Jetta / Touareg

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BREMI RapidEnergy glow plugs feature a sophisticated and proven design corresponding to the high OE standards.

BREMI RapidEnergy glow plugs are exclusively manufactured from high quality materials and components proven in serial production. All BREMI RapidEnergy glow plugs are comprehensively tested prior to shipment. BREMI RapidEnergy glow plugs are powerful and highly durable quality products manufactured under competitive conditions and tuned to the production processes of international automotive manufacturers.

Power and durability are the key criteria that make BREMI RapidEnergy glow plugs the natural choice when looking for a quality product. BREMI glow plugs offer efficient fuel consumption, enhanced environmental friendliness and improved driving comfort.

BREMI RapidEnergy glow plugs deliver an optimum starting performance of the engine through sophisticated design and manufacturing expertise as well as the usage of high quality materials and components validated in countless serial applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • The double helix technology enables short heat up times, optimum after glow performance and a particularly high durability.
  • A perfectly smooth milling process in the glow plug manufacturing process avoids malfunctions during operation and ensures a perfect assembly/mounting of the glow plug in the cylinder head.
  • The cylindrical tapered shape of the glow tip reduces the heat up time.
  • A piston ring between the metal body and the heating rod prevents thermal transfer from the heating rod to the metal body.
  • The assembly method by thread or plug connection meets serial manufacturers requirements.
  • Premium quality materials to OE standards and a precise layout of both heating and control coilsensure the glow plugs high durability and a continuous compliance with the glow parameters.
  • The purity level of the filling material (MgO) and its optimum densification as well as an airtight sealing after the filling process prevent malfunctions of the glow rod (example: Bloating of the glow rod).
  • The concentrical position of the glow coil in the heating rod avoids short circuits
  • The efficiency of BREMI RapidEnergy glow plugs is mainly defined by the number of cold start cycles specified by the vehicle manufacturers.
  • A low variance of key parameters such as temperature range and heat up time is of particular importance for engine start up.
  • The use of high quality materials and components proven in serial applications is the key to the high durability of the BREMI RapidEnergy glow plugs.
  • Ageing resistance focusing on temperature stability is guaranteed throughout the complete life cycle.

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