Griots Garage Brilliant Finish Foam Cannon (NLA)

Part# grg51185

The Brilliant Finish Foam Cannon was built from the ground up utilizing innovative design, helping to make washing fun. Powered by your pressure-washer, the cannon converts your favorite car wash into a powerful, clinging foam that loosens shine-stealing abrasives & grime, preventing wash-induced scratches. Simply foam on your car wash, relax a few minutes, then high-pressure rinse for scratch-free washing. In most cases, you can immediately dry. For stubborn road grime, you will need to perform a quick contact wash with your favorite microfiber wash pad and car wash. This cannon is loaded with premium features including, a manifold machined from solid billet aluminum, then electroplated internally and externally to resist corrosion. The cannon's machined barrel features a proprietary rifling pattern enhances foam creation relative to ordinary foam lances. The cap includes dual-thread patterns making it compatible with include 33.8oz jar, and Griot's Garage 22 & 35 oz bottles. Its wide-mouth 33.8 oz jar is stable at rest and makes for quick mixing, typically only requiring 2 - 4 oz of your favorite wash. The cannon's nozzle adjusts to produce a wide spray pattern of up to 40° for efficient coverage or a narrow 0° stream for long-range dispensing on car roofs, trucks, and RVs. An integrated chemical flow valve allows you to adjust foam output with the turn of a dial.

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