Griots Garage One-Person Brake Bleeder (NLA)

Part# 35714

This brake bleeding tool is simple to use: hook it up to a compressor, press the lever on the top, and open the bleed screw ever so slightly. After that, physics takes over. Simply watch the bubbles and dirty brake fluid flow through the clear tubing into the 33 oz. catch tank. As the name implies, this one man bleeder is a one man job. No more fiddling with your car while your annoying neighbor pumps the brakes. He'd probably find a way to mess it up, too. He always does.


  • Keep your brakes healthy with Griot's Garage One-Person Brake Bleeder
  • Simple design makes brake bleeding a one man job
  • Angled air inlet lets unit sit flat on floor
  • 33 oz. white catch tank holds drained fluid
  • Compressor or air tank required
  • Lifetime Guarantee against defects

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