Griots Garage Ultimate Wash Bucket w/o Casters & Lid (NLA)

Part# 67255OLYBUC

You'll never again say, "It's only a bucket." Ours was designed from the ground-up to be the hands-down ultimate. A lower grille allows heavy grit to sink to the bottom where it can't contaminate your wash mitt. An upper grille holds your wash tools. A molded-in measuring cup (patented design) allows you to dispense the perfect amount of car wash every time. The cup's fill line equals 2 ounces, and a full measuring cup contains 3 ounces of wash concentrate. Bucket holds a massive six gallons of water! Raised measurement marks in gallons and liters help you get the right water to car wash ratio. Optional 2" casters make it easy to roll around your driveway, and the optional, snap-on lid keeps water from splashing around. The bucket is 19" wide, 9" across and a generous 9" deep. Enjoy the absolute best!

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