Head Bolt Bit for 1.8T and Some V6 & 2.0 Gas Engines


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Part# MN3452

Does This Fit Your Car?

This unusual tool is necessary for removing the cylinder head bolts from many 1.8T, 2.0, V6 and V8 gas engines. Check before ordering. Extra long (160 mm) design with heavy duty 1/2" drive. Top quality Metalnerd brand made from S2 tool steel. Newer repair manuals might refer to the new official tool number of T10070 (formerly our part number MN18T160). Carefully designed to fit all brands (OE and Aftermarket) of 6 spline head bolts.

** Note: If your early 1.8t had 12 point head bolts, the new bolts you buy for reassembly may arrive with the newer 6 spline shown above. We have both in a kit (18TKIT) that will save you $3 and possibly a headache!

Not for impact tool usage.

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