HPA Motorsports Compression Reduction Kit - VW | Mk4 | Mk5 | R32


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Part# HVA-1036

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Enjoy the peace of mind that every HPA built twin-turbo owner does and protect yourself against engine knock.

For high boost/HP applications, HPA’s kit reduces your compression to 7:1, allowing your tuner to optimize ignition maps for varying fuel quality and octane grades.

Laser cut and precision ground, our steel head plates ensure perfect fitment. The lengthened timing chain is held under tension with our upgraded piston assembly, where HPA has integrated a clean oil source pick up for your turbo or supercharger hardware.

A set of OEM head gaskets together with head bolts provide everything you need to complete your long block build.

Included with the Compression Reduction Kit:
  • Steel Head Spacer
  • OEM Head Gaskets (2)
  • OEM Head Bolts
  • Oil Feed Pick Up Fitting / Line
  • Tensioner Piston
  • Lengthened OEM Timing Chain

  • Mk4 / Mk5 R32 - 3.2L VR6

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