IE 12V VR6 Street Cam Set - (NLA)




Unleash the hidden power within your 12V VR6 engine with a set of Integrated Engineering street camshafts! These cams have been designed for use in both naturally aspirated and turbo applications, with proprietary grinds to make the most horsepower possible without reducing the streetability of the car.

Proprietary grinds, true street use
As with all IE cams, we have engineered these in house to greatly increase power output without sacrificing drivability. With a perfect combination of centerline angles, lift, and duration, we are proud to offer this street cam set with the highest gains available for your 12V VR6 engine. They are recommended for all performance builds, especially builds that are looking for great midrange gains and a smooth idle.


Horsepower and torque gains throughout powerband- Turbo or NA use
Not only did we develop cams with great drivability, but we also employed proprietary centerline angles, which allowed us to maximize performance on both turbo and naturally aspirated applications. By carefully selecting cam profiles and testing them thoroughly, we were able to develop a camshaft set that offers torque and horsepower gains throughout the entire powerband. That makes for a better all-around driving experience and plenty of power on tap when you need it. On a completely stock engine, these cams will increase power output to 204 HP and 191 FT/LBS when installed with an IE cold air intake kit and matching software (Available for the Mk3 VR6 Only - sold separately). Thats a horsepower increase of 18% and a torque increase of 10%! Turbo engines with higher power output will see significantly higher power increases with use of IE street cams.


Designed to work specifically with IEVTVV2 spring kit
To match the increased lift and duration of the IE street cam set, we have specifically designed a valve spring/titanium retainer kit to match. With use of the camshaft set and spring/retainer kit, you are able to increase the rev limit and allow the engine to make more power in the mid-high RPM range. Focusing on using both components together, we developed springs that offer the necessary seat pressure to eliminate valve float, without causing unnecessary wear on valvetrain components. Our lightweight retainers reduce valvetrain mass, which further decreases the possibility of valve float at higher RPM levels. The IE spring kit is available separately and is highly recommended along with our street cams.


OEM fitment
We have designed the 12V VR6 street cams to be direct replacements for the factory units, utilizing the same alignment marks and locking tool grooves. Installation is simple, just like the cams they replace. These cams are to be used with hydraulic lifters, which eliminates any need for complicated solid lifter setups.

Perfect street powerband and smooth idle
CNC ground on chill hardened cores
Extensively tested on in-house dyno
Simple installation
Great match for naturally aspirated and turbo applications


Will these cams fit my engine?
These cams will fit all 12V VR6 engines manufactured from 1992-2002, which includes AAA and AFP engine codes.

Will I need anything else to install these?
We recommend the IEVTVV2 valve spring/titanium retainer kit along with these camshafts, which will allow you to rev the engine higher without any concern for valve float. You will also need miscellaneous gaskets and seals to do the cam installation procedure.

My car has XXX modifications, how much power can I expect?
On a completely stock engine with just IE street cams, CAI, and matching software, power will be increased to 204 HP and 191 FT/LBS. Engines with modifications such as high compression pistons or a turbocharger would see larger gains. Power gains will depend entirely on the rest of the engine configuration.

What is the recommended rev limit with these cams?
We recommend a 7000rpm rev limit with these cams, as the peak power is just before that.

About Integrated Engineering: Merging decades of experience with hundreds of hours of prototyping, engineering, dyno testing and daily usage evaluation has output exhaust systems that are the ultimate compliment to your performance car. IE products are proudly engineered, designed, and manufactured in-house, in Salt Lake City USA.



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