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The Integrated Engineering 1.8T transverse intake manifold is engineered to provide market leading performance and features. Each aspect of this manifold was carefully tweaked and optimized by our engineers by using the latest in Computer Flow Dynamics (CFD) software. The design work was followed by an extensive round of testing on our in house Superflow engine dynamometer. The result of this extensive research and development is quite simply the most advanced, refined intake manifold the VW/Audi community has ever seen. 


Carefully designed to increase mid-range to high RPM power on your race or street-driven big turbo engine, large power gains will be seen on setups using a GT28-30R/EFR 6255 or larger turbos. The manifold plenum itself has been generously sized to ensure maximum cylinder charge and very carefully optimized to distribute airflow evenly to all 4 cylinders regardless of the loading conditions.


Impeccable execution ensures that this manifold can actually deliver. Each manifold is cast, machined, inspected and packed all in the USA by a major OE supplier. The manifolds are cast from a special self aging, self hardening alloy with especially strict requirements for chemical composition. Top of the line Japanese machining centers machine all major surfaces of the parts in one setup, ensuring perfect fit, finish, and maximum value. Your intake manifold is available with a machined throttle body flange to accept a 60mm (stock), 70mm (S4), or Hemi 80mm throttle body.


Made in the USA

This manifold has a feature set which is truly unique. The modular design allows for throttle body to be installed on either side, the first of its kind on this market. This will allow you to install the manifold, regardless of your charge pipe setup, with only minor piping modifications in most cases. Featuring aggressively sized 48mm inside diameter runners, the lower manifold section is tuned for medium to high RPM power. The carefully designed and flow tested velocity stacks deliver more air to the cylinder than any other manifold on the market.


For a simple install the manifold includes the IE micro vacuum manifold at no extra charge, which provides all of the vacuum sources needed without the worry of cluttered lines or ugly plugs on the top of the manifold. This innovative vacuum fitting installs on the plenum end opposite the throttle body. It can be installed to face downward in either configuration, providing a sleek, and cost effective way to plumb your components requiring a vacuum source.



Tuned for excellent mid range and top end power
Optimized bellmouth inlets create maximum power at all RPM ranges
Modular design allows throttle placement on either driver or passenger side
Thick wall cast construction for durability
Choice of machined throttle body flange
100% engineered, designed, & cast in USA


Included Hardware:
Plenum to lower manifold gasket
Plenum to lower manifold install hardware
Lower manifold runners to cylinder head gasket
Micro vacuum manifold & vacuum fittings


1999-2005.5 MK4 VW Golf/jetta with 1.8T engine
1999-2005 VW Beetle with 1.8T engine *
2000-2006 MK1 Audi TT with 1.8T engine*
*requires modification to fit, engine bays have very limited space. Windshield washer fluid reservoir must be relocated and custom intercooler piping must be fabricated in VW Beetle & Audi TT engine bays.


What is the benefit of a modular plenum?
Two piece manifold can be easily flipped to put throttle flange on either side, easily adaptable to any big turbo setup.

What kind of power gains will I see?
Power increases are seen in mid-high rpm ranges, depending on turbo setup and displacement.

What else will I need to install?
Intake manifold now includes our micro vacuum manifold to provide connections for all needed accessories. We also offer a full sized stealth vacuum manifold with more ports if needed for your setup. If using our intake manifold on a small port head, we offer a phenolic transition spacer, which makes the connection between the two without any flow-reducing steps

Will I need tuning for this manifold?
For maximum performance, tuning is recommended. However, if the factory throttle body is used, it is not absolutely necessary. If upgrading to a larger throttle body, tuning is a must.

How does the IE intake manifold compare to others on the market?
Our intake manifold shows the best gains in the mid-high rpm range when compared to any of the competing manifolds. By utilizing our micro vacuum manifold, there are no ugly vacuum ports visible on the top of the manifold, regardless of the plenum orientation. We believe this makes our manifold the most visual appealing piece on the market as well as the first manifold available with the modular plenum design. This makes it versatile, as it can be installed with any intercooler piping/throttle body setup.

I see that the intake manifold is large-port only. Can I use this on my small port 1.8T head?
Absolutely! You can easily install our manifold on your small port head with use of the IEBAVA16 phenolic transition spacer.

Is it necessary to upgrade my fuel rail to install this manifold?
Our manifold was designed to work with the factory fuel rail, without modification required. We do offer a high-flow billet fuel rail for higher horsepower applications, which is also visually desirable.

I see that you offer the manifold in raw and black powdercoat finish. Is there a benefit to the black finish?
The black powdercoat finish is not only visually appealing, but it is much easier to keep clean. Raw cast aluminum parts easily collect dirt that is difficult to remove. The powdercoat finish does not show dirt easily and can be easily cleaned.

How do I know if my cylinder head is small port or large port?
The cylinder heads are stamped with the three-letter engine code on the front corner, near the #1 cylinder. Only the AEB and AGU engine codes are the large port heads, all other codes are small port and require the IEBAVA16 phenolic transition spacer to be used.


About Integrated Engineering: Merging decades of experience with hundreds of hours of prototyping, engineering, dyno testing and daily usage evaluation has output exhaust systems that are the ultimate compliment to your performance car. IE products are proudly engineered, designed, and manufactured in-house, in Salt Lake City USA.

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