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The Integrated Engineering MK5/MK6 FDS intercooler system was built from the ground up to offer the ultimate in performance for your vehicle. When increasing the power output of your engine it is extremely important to ensure it has the proper cooling to match. It packs a very large intercooler core into the space available, a full 54% larger than the OEM core. This large core delivers cool air to the engine under all circumstances, increasing power and torque and simultaneously reducing heat soak.

IE FDS system
Our end tanks feature the FDS (flow distribution system), which is totally unique to our intercooler. By incorporating flow distribution channels into the inlet side end tank, air is evenly distributed from the top to bottom of the core, maximizing cooling efficiency. Other intercoolers on the market only allow natural airflow through the core, which is primarily on the bottom side near the inlet, making for poorly distributed cooling. In lab tests, temperatures across the IE FDS core were 65% more even than the nearest competitor. This proves more effective use of the core, resisting heat soak more so than any competitor and consistently delivering a cool charge.


Heat soak occurs when the heat generated exceeds the cooling capacity of the intercooler. The most common symptom is the noticeable loss of power after long term acceleration or several back to back power pulls. By greatly increasing the core size and useable area of the core with FDS technology, we have eliminated the heat soak. The following charts are 30 second apart power pulls showing how the intake air temperature remains consistently lower than the OEM intercooler.

High quality American castings for the intercooler end tanks have perfect surface finish and absolutely none of the casting flaws commonly seen in import intercoolers which can destroy your engine. This attention to detail in the design process means that our intercooler is actually lighter than many import intercoolers, while simultaneously having a much larger core volume. These features provide an intercooler with perfect OE fitment and the utmost highest level of performance available today.

As seen in the thermal image below, IE FDS technology helps distribute the charge air more evenly across the core, effectively utilizing more of the intercooler core. In the "WITH FDS" image, you will notice that intake temps (measured vertically in 8 locations, on the right-hand side) are all relatively the same color or temperature. In the "NO FDS" image you will notice the bottom 4 measuring points are significantly hotter than the top 4, meaning that the heat is not distributed evenly. The bottom right hand corner on the intercooler without the FDS system it is also visually hotter than the rest of the intercooler core. This results in the non-FDS intercooler having extreme temperature variance and being less effective at keeping your intake air temperatures low.

Our engineers also went to great lengths to ensure quality and perfect fitment. The end tanks were carefully CAD designed and CFD flow optimized. All mounting bosses are fully machined to ensure a perfect fit. Even the inlet and outlet barb connections are completely machined, ensuring a leak free seal.

- Charge air temperatures lowered drastically
- Largest core volume of any drop-in intercooler at 885.06 inches.
- Horsepower and torque increased
- Horsepower loss from heat soak removed
- FDS Flow Distribution System spreads the heat over the intercooler core 65% more evenly than competitors
- Large bar and fin core measures 16.39" x 24" x 2.25"
- 54% more core volume than OE
- Beautiful end tanks are cast and machined in USA
- Fully machined mounting bosses for a perfect fit
- Fully machined inlet/outlet connections for a leak free seal
- Perfect OEM fitment, no trimming required
- Large 2.75" inlet and outlet connections
- 5 ply silicone hoses and a billet adapter ensure reliability
- Includes all necessary hardware and hose clamps

- Audi MK2 A3/S3
- Audi MK2 TT/TT-S
- VW MK2 Beetle(EA888 Gen1 & 2013.5+ EA888 Gen3 Only)
- VW CC (Requires custom inlet hose)
- VW Eos
- VW MK5/MK6 Golf/GTI/R
- VW MK5/MK6 Jetta/GLI (EA888 Gen1, 2013.5+ EA888 Gen3, & EA113 Only)
- VW B6/B7 Passat(EA888 Gen1, 2013.5+ EA888 Gen3, & EA113 Only)
- VW Scirocco/R
- VW Tiguan


At what point will I need the IE FDS intercooler for my car?
The IE FDS intercooler is a great upgrade for cars with an upgraded turbo, as well as cars using the factory turbo with an aggressive ECU tune. The OEM intercooler is known to experience heatsoak with added horsepower, especially if the car is driven hard for long periods of time. The IE FDS intercooler eliminates the heatsoak issues and provides a cool charge air, even under extreme driving conditions.

What all is included with the IE FDS intercooler?
The intercooler kit includes the direct-fit core and all install hardware including heavy duty black silicone hoses, a billet adapter to connect the silicone hose to your OEM turbo outlet pipe, silicone hose clamps, and necessary bolts and washers.

Is there any modification required to install the intercooler?
No! The IE FDS intercooler is a direct replacement for the applications listed above. There is no trimming, cutting, or modification needed for installation.

Do I need to purchase anything else to install the IE FDS intercooler?
This intercooler includes all necessary hardware and parts for installation. Since installation requires removal of the radiator, you will need to drain the cooling system. We also offer coolant, which is available separately. Aside from that, there is nothing else needed for installation.

What kind of power increase will I see with the IE FDS intercooler?
Power increase is dependent on the turbo setup and the boost levels tha you are running. The larger the turbo setup and the higher the boost pressure, the larger the gains will be with the IE FDS intercool r.

How much horsepower will the intercooler support?
We have tested the IE FDS intercooler to over 600hp successfully with room to grow. Supported power is in the 650-700hp range, but will ultimately depend on the turbo setup and operating conditions.

About Integrated Engineering: Merging decades of experience with hundreds of hours of prototyping, engineering, dyno testing and daily usage evaluation has output exhaust systems that are the ultimate compliment to your performance car. IE products are proudly engineered, designed, and manufactured in-house, in Salt Lake City USA.

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