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Since the core support of the C5-allroad sits further away from the motor than a traditional 2.7t car (B5-S4 and C5-A6), most FMIC kits will not fit on the 2.7t allroad without some modifications. Here at JHMotorsports, we have developed an FMIC kit exclusively for the C5-allroad to solve this issue.

This new kit features the same components that we've used to set records in our B5-S4s but we modify them and supply the parts necessary to have them bolt right up to a C5-allroad 2.7T. We cut each of the 4 pipes in half, smooth and bead the edges (to allow for a secure fit of couplers and clamps), and provide the extra couplers and clamps. Separating these pipes and extending them with a coupler allows the FMIC piping to be at the proper length for the C5-allroad's extended core support.

See the picture below for a picture showing how we cut the pipes, the beading we perform on the pipes, and the couplers and clamps we provide for extending the pipes.

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C5 Allroad Intercooler Front Mount


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C5 Allroad Intercooler Front Mount

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C5 Allroad Intercooler Front Mount

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C5 Allroad Intercooler Front Mount

Picture showing fitment of the FMIC in the bumper of an allroad.

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C5 Allroad Intercooler Front Mount

Note the minimal cutting that needs to be performed on the front core support on the driver side.

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C5 Allroad Intercooler Front Mount

**NOTE: This is a picture from one of our customers who modified his pipes on his own before we started doing this modification. This picture shows how the pipes fit onto the vehicle with the extended core support of the allroad. We have had two different customers run this setup without beading for 3 years without any problems. We have provided pipes with beading at all connection points to allow for a secure fit of all couplers and clamps.

NOTE ON FITMENT: You can run your fog lights with this FMIC kit. However, some modification of the fog light housings is necessary to get them to fit.

Introducing the JHM FMIC kit that fits behind the stock bumper of a C5-allroad with MINIMAL bumper support cutting. In order to bring a low cost Front Mount Intercooler Kit to market we built our kit around a popular, low cost core that we at JHM and many others have had REAL WORLD success with. We just wanted to put it in a comprehensive kit with a nice and clean 4 piece piping kit, our popular VIDEO instructions, 35 minutes in length (video was done on an S4, with a C5-allroad you skip the bumper modification steps so the install is a lot easier), and mounting brackets.

We ran this exact core in our B5 S4s during our record setting K03 and K04 quarter mile runs (We went 12.28 @ 114mph and 11.1 @ 130mph respectively with full interior in B5 S4s.) Click here for more info on our cars. In normal JHM style we only do REAL WORLD testing on our products and this kit is no exception. We do not believe in hype and cool sounding specs, just parts that are known to work. With this front mount kit, we have also found that it out performs any side-mount style intercooler currently on the market. It works great at the drag strip and on the street. However it will work fine for Auto X and short periods of road racing, it may cause overheating if you road race in warm climates above 80f for more than 15 minutes or so. Basically it will work great for 90% of the public. Once again though, JHM has been using this intercooler core on the street with no issues for almost 2 years now.

Information Page with more pictures and video of the install and mods required -->HERE

Kit contents
- JHM Exclusive VIDEO instructions. (video was done on an S4, with an A6 you skip the bumper modification steps so the install is way easier on an A6)
- FMIC Core (Overall Length: 30" - Core Length: 22" - Height: 11" - Thickness: 3" - Inlet: 2.5" - Outlet: 2.5" - Air Flow Rate: less than 700Cubic Feet/Min, Rated to 600-700 Max HP - Working Pressure: 5-40PSI - Pressure Drop: 2-5psi@35psi; 0.2~0.5psi@15psi - Material: 100% Aluminum - Design: Bar and Plate - Construction: Machine Cut and Stamped, Hand Welded - Finish: Polished - Net Weight: 19lbs)
- JHM 8 piece piping kit. Pipes that connect to the Bi-pipe are 2.25" just like the stock or APR bi-pipe. Pipes that connect to the turbo outlets are 2" just like all C5-allroad outlet pipes. Pipes are fully bent with only one of the 8 pipes having a weld. All connections for coupler hoses are beaded to allow a secure connection for hose clamps.
- All Couplers and T-bolt style Clamps needed for install. (Kit only reuses the Passenger side lower hose, but eliminates the restrictive Driver side lower S-hose) Couplers are available in Blue or Black, see dropdown box below.
- JHM FMIC Stainless Steel mounting brackets with all hardware, plugs, zip ties and adjustment shims.

- Stainless Steel mounting brackets with all hardware, plugs, zip ties, and adjustment shims. See drop-down box below.
- Stock/APR bi-pipe or RS4 bi-pipe connections. BOTH INCLUDED.
- Custom cote and beaded pipes with 4 couplers and 8 clamps to extend pipes for use on an allroad.
Powder Coated Pipes (Black) - see picture above.
- JHM High or medium Flow Electric Fan Kit (EFK). Consider adding our completely redesigned, new version of our EFK. Our new kit features a High-Performance, Ultra-Cool, Hayden Fan and a totally upgraded electrical system. The JHM EFK completely bypasses the stock mechanical fan pulley and fan without the need to get a new belt. This fan kit eliminates the parasitic engine load cause by the stock mechanical fan. We also include a machined block off plate that installs behind the electric fan and fills the void that is left in the timing cover when removing the mechanical fan assembly. You can select the kit from the "Cooling" section of our website.

Installation Notes
This kit has been successfully test fitted on several vehicles with stock bumpers, so we know it works. If you have another bumper other than stock JHM cannot guarantee fitment. However, this kit should work with just about any bumper with some or no modifications. Also plan on using shims (included with our bracket kit) to get the FMIC core lined up to fit best. If you make your own brackets, finalize them after the bumper and piping kit are completely on. This kit fits even better on cars equipped with intake manifold spacers (available from us, check our Engine Parts & Gaskets section for more info).

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