Kies Carbon Dry Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers (OEM Style) - BMW M3 (F80) / M4 (F82) / M2 Competition (F87) (NLA)

Part# K05-14F80DCF-OEMC

These Kies Carbon OEM replacement dry carbon fiber mirror covers are direct plug-and-play for the stock mirror covers for your F80 BMW M3, F82 BMW M4, or F87 BMW M2 Competition.

If you are looking to give your car a subtle change, or maybe you're looking to complete the carbon fiber look all around, this mirror cap is definitely for you!

Easy to install with phenomenal fitment, this little upgrade will turn out perfect every time, and turn heads as well. 

Dry Carbon vs "Wet" Carbon: Dry carbon and "wet" carbon differ in their manufacturing process. Dry carbon is a much more complex process but results in a strong and lighter product of pure carbon fiber material. Whereas the typical "wet" manufacturing process is carbon fiber fabric laid upon a core support substrate (plastic or resin).

These mirror caps are specifically designed to only fit the actual F80 M3's, F82 M4's, or F87 M2 Competitions, so if you have an F30 BMW 3 series or F32 BMW 4 series, these mirror covers will not fit your vehicle. For the F30/F32 mirror caps, you can get those here.

There are 2 different types of mirror covers on the market. One is merely a thin cover layer that sticks on to the original caps via double-sided tape, the other is a complete replacement type, which are these! Never settle for less.

These replacement covers will require the removal of the original mirror cover, which will allow these carbon fiber ones to clip back onto the stock mounting points.

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