MMP Hi-Flow One Piece Silicone Turbo Outlets | BMW N54 (NLA)

Part# MMP-One-PC-Outlet

MMP has the best flowing Turbo Outlets for your N54. These is the last bit of the turbo piping that has not been upgraded in high HP stock turbo setups or hybrid turbo setups. These pipes will unlock the next step change in power in your N54!

These will not fit RHD (right hand drive)

These pipes have a flow through area more than 2x bigger than the stock pipes on the N54 connecting the turbos to the intercooler!

The kit comes complete in the box with all clamps, custom silicone pipes, and machined expansion nozzles with vband interface and O-ring to be a direct bolt on replacement to your restrictive OEM hotside pipes. The kit also comes with heat shield tape for the are where the pipes approach the manifold. No cutting up of your stock pipes, bead rolling, or bead welding required.

These outlets are MUCH easier to install than my previous aluminum outlets!

These upgraded pipes work with stock turbos or any upgraded hybrid turbochargers for the N54. They are full 2" upgrading the small stock pipes which are 1.25". The couplers are also made from high temp, high quality, thick reinforced silicone good for up to 130 psi and 500F. The interface to your intercooler couplers is the same as the stock pipes so no need to select what size connection your intercooler has, it has been standardized to work for everyone and every intercooler out there you may have.

Many may wonder what the difference is between these silicone pipes and the other silicone outlet chargepipes on the market. The MMP pipes are HIGH FLOW being full 2" while the other pipes are 1.5". That's 78% more flow through area before the merge (most critical part because longest run and on the exit of the turbos). The other pipes use an inefficient merge while the MMP pipes use an optimized high flow routing with a very efficient merge. Also the MMP pipes use a much more efficient CNC adapter to the stock housing with a smooth tapered transition that eliminates significant turbulent flow pressure loses while the others on the market have a step change at the turbo for the CNC adapter that creates some local turbulent flow and results in pressure losses. The MMP pipes are a fraction of the cost of the competitor for MUCH more flow through area. The MMP pipes are also currently the only ones with published dyno gains by an independent user (posted on Bimmerboost, N54tech, and e90post).

Link to post where I reposted the dyno

Above link has the preliminary dyno results. These were my aluminum outlets pipes which have been discontinued and replaced by the one piece silicone pipes. The silicone pipes have slightly larger flow through area so will yield the same or better results. 3rd party dyno testing results same car same dyno days apart with minimal tuning and the outlets made +30whp gain around peak torque, +25whp gain on the top end and +10whp gain at max power and +34wtq gain ALL WITHOUT pushing the tune to optimize for the outlets because it made these gains with 2 PSI LESS BOOST and LESS WGDC!

Link to the post with boost curve from before and after outlets on the dyno

with an optimized tune and taking advantage of the freed up WGDC and boost, gains would be SIGNIFICANTLY improved! We have not seen what MMP outlets can actually do if tuned to take advantage of the freed up boost and WGDC.

Also the graphs with the outlets show slightly better spool

these pipes flow 10x better than stock!!! Proven on a flow test bench with graph shown here.

fits all N54 engines in any model series car as long as you select the correct model series from the drop down menu.

*Being that these pipes are so much larger than stock, care must be taken when installing them, please refer to the install guide here and follow all recommendations including required installation gaps and final pipe placement as shown exactly in the pictures.

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