NM Engineering Short Shift Adapter - R5X MINI (Gen 1 & 2)



Part# NM.668856

Does This Fit Your Car?

NM Engineering’s short shift adapter is made utilizing CNC machined T303 stainless steel billet. The adapter features easy install that makes replacement of the entire shift lever not necessary. Installation can be done by accessing the shifter assembly box from below the car. This kit will reduce shift throw by approximately 20%.

It is not REQUIRED that the NM Shift Housing Cover (when the OEM unit is removed to allow the shifter to be installed) be installed along with this short shifter, BUT if you don't you will likely be very annoyed by these 3 things: 1- Road noise. 2- Dust from under the car will find its way in though the shift boot. 3- Heat from the exhaust will make the shift lever hot and the shift boot will likely take some abuse.

Note: For all MINI's w/ manual transmissions.

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