OEM Brake Kit (288mm | 272mm) | 2010 VW Jetta 2.5L | TDi

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Part# OEM-BK-G5-288F-272R

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Complete OEM size Brake Kit, includes:

- OEM Size Front 288mm (1K0615301T) & Rear 272mm (1K0615601AA) Brake discs (Textar brand)
- Bosch Quietcast Front (BP1107) & Rear (BP1456) Brake pads

Buy everything and SAVE!!

FITS: 2010 Jetta 2.5L/TDi (Note some 2010 model Jetta's have 260mm Rear rotors, confirm before purchase!)

IMPORTANT - 2010 Jetta Models confirm your Rear Rotors!

For vehicles with 260mm rear rotors ONLY.

260mm rear braking components have the following identifiers:
- 260x12 mm (10.24") rear rotor size.
- Thread in (flare style) rear brake line connections.

For vehicles with 272mm rear rotors ONLY.

272mm rear braking components have the following identifiers:
- 272x10 mm (10.7") rear rotor size.
- Banjo style rear brake line connections. (see picture below)
- Caliper has "Bosch" cast into the caliper body.
Product in pictures may vary!

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