Racing Dynamics Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop - Gen 1 R5X Mini (NLA)


Genuine carbon fiber hood scoop for Gen 1 MINI Cooper S Hatchback R53 and Convertible R52.

  • This item is manufactured of real carbon fiber and is a great functional piece for the front of your Cooper "S". Don't confuse this part with low cost carbon fiber overlays. Ours is a complete carbon fiber hood scoop that mounts just like the original unit.
  • This product is produced by the "dry carbon" process which has the resin impregnated in the cloth at the material manufacturer's plant for efficiency in disbursing the resin throughout the carbon fabric.
  • This minimizes excess resin in the part making the finish better and the part stronger and lighter. The prepreg (name given resin impregnated material) material is cut and placed in the mold inside an autoclave and with heat and great pressure the part is formed
  • Just remove the original plastic scoop and use the retaining nuts to mount your new carbon fiber hood scoop.

  • MINI Cooper S Hatchback 2002 - 2006 R53
  • MINI Cooper S Convertible 2004 - 2008 R52

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