EMD Auto Rear Performance Lightweight 2-Piece Rotors - Track Version (310x22mm) (NLA)


We are pleased to offer a performance, lightweight brake upgrade that is a direct replacement for the OEM rotors. Designed entirely in house, everything from the rotor rings down to the bolts is unique to our specifications.

Our brake rotors offer a number of improvements over the factory units, including:
- 12.3% lighter than stock (1.9 pounds each)
- Directional cooling vents for improved heat dissipation
- Improved aesthetics
- Stress relieved to minimize risk or cracks and warpage in motorsport conditions
- Semi-floating design allows for slight expansion to reduce chance of warps and cracks

Rotors: The rotor rings are cast in the USA and machined to unique specifications to perfectly match the OEM rotor in diameter and thickness. Each rotor ring is stress relieved to prevent cracks and warpage.

Hats: The center hats are made from 6061-T6 aluminum. CAD designed in house, we then 3D print multiple variations to ensure an exacting fit. The final pieces are machined in Orange County, CA. Each hat is type III hard anodized to our specified surface thickness, and meets NADCAP certifications. The hats are finished with a subtle laser etched logo.

Hardware: Being a safety critical piece, we opt for only the finest hardware. NAS 67-series airframe bolts are custom drilled for safety wire and fastened together to ensure that they will never back out. Each 5/16" bolt (total of 10 per rotor) is rated to a temperature of 1200 F, with 160,000+ psi tensile strength and 95,000+ psi shear strength, to ensure reliable performance in motorsport conditions. Rotors are assembled in-house to ensure proper tolerances and torque spec.

Street - Designed for the customer looking for a cost-effective replacement for the OEM rotor. The street version uses the same high quality materials, but comes in a plain un-slotted finish for an OEM appearance.

Track - Designed for those who are interested in a more aesthetic look than stock. The track version adds a slotting pattern that also helps dissipate heat during spirited driving.

Race - The race version adds a slightly more aggressive slotting pattern for improved ventilation. Additionally, the race version is dynamic balanced to ensure perfectly true rotation when going over 150 mph.

- MK7 Golf R
- MK7 GTI With Performance Package
- Audi 8V S3
- Audi Mk2 TTS

These rotors are a direct replacement for the stock units. We recommend professional installation, preferably with a Pro-Cut brake lathe. The benefit of a Pro-Cut lathe is that it corrects for any steering or suspension geometry issues to ensure that the rotor spins true.

Note: Rotors are priced per pair. Replaces OEM part number 1K0615601N.

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