Revo Downpipe Upgrade | B8 Audi | A4 | 2.0T (FWD Manual) - (NLA)

No Longer Available Discontinued
Part# RA212E200500 is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!


The Revo Downpipe Upgrade is designed to replace the restrictive OEM component, allowing exhaust gasses to flow much more freely. Designed to work in harmony with Revo Stage 2 Software this upgrade unleashes more potential power from the engine and has been designed and manufactured in the UK by Revo and Scorpion Exhausts.

OEM parts are designed to abide by strict regulations and often restrict power output. Revo Stage 1 Software is developed to work in harmony with these factory parts however Stage 2 requires component upgrades, and with one of the largest restrictions on modern cars being the OE downpipe, we were keen to offer an upgrade solution.

Revo Software is developed to work specifically with our hardware to offer the highest levels of performance, reliability and quality. Our latest development is an extensive range of performance Downpipes with the option of either a hi-flow sport catalytic converter for road use, or a de-cat option for race use.

All Downpipes come with both a reducer to fit to OE cat back systems and a connecting pipe to fit Scorpion cat-back exhaust systems, this allows the option of easily switching between a full turbo-back system or retaining the OE system. Revo sports cats run a 200 cell high flow cat which pass road legal emissions tests, while de-cat pipes are for RACE USE ONLY and are NOT road legal.


  • T304 stainless steel construction
  • Maximizes flow
  • Lighter than OEM part
  • British manufactured
  • 200 cell high flow sports cat
    Scorpion exhausts were the obvious choice for us, a British company known for their high quality exhaust production and years of R&D in road and motorsport applications. Working together a range of performance Downpipes have been developed, designed to work in harmony with Revo software, giving considerable performance improvements and a sportier note from the engine.

    Each system is CAD designed using the latest in 3D design technology and manufactured using the highest grade T304 stainless steel. A state of the art CAD CAM CNC mandrel bender is used in their construction process to maintain maximum gas flow, stainless steel braided flex joints, laser cut flanges and brackets are Tig and Mig welded into place to create the Revo by Scorpion Downpipe.


    Part# RA212E200500 is NO LONGER AVAILABLE!


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