Stud Conversion Kit (set of 16 studs) | 12x1.5


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Part# Stud-Conversion-12x1.5-38mm

Does This Fit Your Car?

Change your wheels a lot? Tired of cross threading lug bolts? Switching to studs will make your life much easier! 

**NOT Recommended for AutoX or for Racing use

Stud Specs:
12mm diameter
1.5mm thread pitch

26mm thread length - 38mm overall length
45mm thread length - 57mm overall length (for use with spacers up to 20mm in width - open ended lug nut recommended!)

Kit Includes:

- 16 studs
- Your choice of Lug Nuts (see below for options and select appropriate drop down option above)
- *Optional Red Thread Lock (a must have for installing studs!)

NOTE: All Lug Nuts are Conical seat. If you need Ball seat (for OEM wheels) there is an optional Ball seat washer option available.

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