Ultimate Cooling Hose Kit (5-pcs) | Mk3 VR6 5-speed (NLA)

Part# URO-0061

Engine cooling is nothing to mess with. Make sure all your hoses are good to go! This Ultimate Cooling Hose kit will fit all 5-speed Mk3 Golf/Jetta VR6 and replaces ALL the major coolant hoses.

Kit Includes:

- Coolant Hose (Expansion Tank/Aux Water Pump/Thermo), Mk3 VR6 [1H0121063B]
- Coolant Hose (Heater core to Aux Pump), Mk3 VR6 [1H0121073C]
- Coolant Hose (Throttle body to Heater core to Cyl head), Mk3 VR6 [1H0121157H]
- Radiator Hose (Lower), Mk3 VR6 5-Speed [1H0121051F]
- Radiator Hose (Upper), Mk3 VR6 5-Speed [1H0122101E]


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