UroTuning Stealth Oil Catch Can Kit with AN Fittings / Mk5 / Mk6 / A3 2.0T TSi - (NLA)

No Longer Available Discontinued


This oil catch can solution uses custom designed fittings and hardware to install our stealth oil catch can in the TSI equipped Mk5/Mk6. From start to finish, our kit allows an effortless installation of our oil catch can. Delete the faulty OEM PCV selection valve, convert to a single recirculation point, eliminate harmful PCV gunk in your intake, and gain a boost port in one simple installation. A win-win for the TSI.

So, here's what's in the kit:

- 42DD Stealth Oil Catch Can
- 42DD Stealth Catch Can Mounting Bracket
- 034 2.0T TSI Catch Can Conversion Plate
- 034 PCV Plug & Tap
- AN Lines Black Nylon Braided with Black Anodized AN fittings

  • 2008.5-2010 Mk5 Jetta 2.0T TSi
  • 2008.5-2009 Mk5 GTI 2.0T TSi
  • 2010-2014 Mk6 GTi 2.0T TSi
  • 2012-2013.5 Mk6 Jetta GLi 2.0T TSi
  • 2009-2014 Audi A3 2.0T TSi

In order for an engine part to be considered stealth, it has to work well without giving up it's purpose to curious eyes. Our stealth oil catch can does exactly that. Essentially a stripped-down and smoothed version of our ultimate can, the stealth can offers the same internal design without the bells and whistles.

Built to function, our stealth can accomplishes the fundamental job of an oil catch can without any additional thought or modification. AN fitting inlet and outlet fittings allow connection of AN lines. Inside, four filter screens create a maze for the PCV gases to navigate allowing oil droplets to collect as lighter gases pass. Gravity lends a hand, collecting the oil and gunk at the bottom of the can. A bottom drain allows the can to be drained at any time.

Minimized by design, the stealth can skips adjustable features in order to achieve a discrete look. Vertical and hoizontal mounting brackets are permanently welded to the back of the can. Inlet and outlet fittings oppose the mounting brackets, placed inline with eachother and the bottom drain. Press-formed top and bottom caps offer a smooth, factory look without any logos or markings.

Throughout the life of the stealth can, the filter media will never need to be replaced. Tubing can be removed and re-installed from our fittings without ever damaging them. There are no o-rings or other accessories to replace. The entire catch can is built with precision from heavy duty materials proven to stand the test of time. Like the ultimate, we can't call this one bulletproof (really, who shoots a catch can?). We can't call it ultimate either, so let the market decide...


  • Lids press-formed from 304 stainless steel
  • Inlet & outlet fittings fabricated from 304 stainless tubing
  • Can fabricated from 304 stainless tubing and CNC machined components
  • Bottom drain fitting 304 stainless steel with " NPT threads
  • Precision TIG welding on all stainless steel components
  • Internal filters machined from 6061 perforated aluminum


  • Installation truly universal
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting brackets welded on
  • AN Lines with fittings
  • Designed for recirculation into intake system
  • Sump capacity 1/2 quart (16oz)
  • Overflow capacity 3/4 quart (24oz)
  • Vehicle specific mounting for the Mk5/Mk6 Golf/Jetta and Audi A3

Catch Can Finishes

  • Wrinkle black powdercoating

Important Fitment Guidelines:

  • This kit is not compatible with European models that have a charcoal canister in front of the engine mount. Alternate mounting is required.
  • This kit is not compatible with aftermarket engine mounts. The mounting bracket uses a threaded hole in the OEM mount which does not exist on aftermarket mounts. Alternate mounting is required.
  • If used, the factory engine cover must be slightly modified to clear the PCV hoses. Please visit our Tech Corner to learn more.



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