VF Engineering Lower Dogbone Mount | Mk5 R32 | TT | A3 6-cyl (NLA)

Part# VFA06-05

The VW factory rear engine mount was designed as a soft flexible mount to provide a very comfortable drive. Its drawback was the large amount of engine movement it allowed under torque load and on hard acceleration. Engine movement of the decreases stability under high performance driving conditions and gear selection. We guarantee you will feel the difference when using this mount.

To reduce this movement VF-Engineering made a complete replacement billet mount fitted with molded, high durometer polyurethane inserts. The mount is constructed from billet aluminum and supplied with high tensile hardware. Which means the stock mount will snap before the VF mount even bends. Fitting should take no more than 20 minutes usually.

This high performance mount provides a dramatic difference in the stability of the car when accelerating and braking hard. The effect is far greater than you get by just changing your bush inserts. Made from billet aluminum, under the severest conditions this mount will bend whilst the OE mount will snap. Gear changing under hard acceleration is also greatly enhanced. It makes a terrific difference giving you much greater control over drifting and wheel spin reduction for dragging.

Fits The Following Cars:
Golf5 R32 / Audi A3 / TT2 (6 Cyl ONLY)

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