Racingline Rear Brake Conversion (310x22) | MQB | Mk7 | 8V - (NLA)



The RacingLine VWR Rear Disc/Rotor Upgrade replaces the original rear ventilated discs with beautifully engineered motorsport-inspired 2 piece ventilated, grooved discs and aluminium bells (or top hats).

As the dimensions of the original rears are retained (at 310mm x 22mm) this is a simple, direct replacement disc with no other changes needed to rear calipers, pads or mounting hardware. Not only do the replacement rear discs deliver a better resistance to warping under high heat applications, they also give a small reduction in unsprung mass.

This is the ideal compliment to the VWR Monoblock Big Brake Upgrade, or indeed any other front brake upgrade, and also significantly improve the aesthetics of the car.

Benefits & Features:

  • Improved Braking
    • 2-Piece Motorsport-Inspired disc conversion to resist warping
  • Simple Fitment
    • Direct replacement for ventilated rear discs, Retaining original rear calipers
  • Good Looks
    • Matched appearance to our front Big Brake Kit whilst replacing rusty hubs on the originals
  • Light Weight
    • Small but valuable weight-saving over standard
  • Race Proven
    • Tested over many thousands of track miles to ensure reliability and performance
The VWR Rear Disc Upgrade provides a motorsport-quality direct replacement part developed for our race cars to alleviate the problem of disc warping under high temperatures.

In common with all top-end motorsport brake applications (including the VWR Big Brake Upgrade Kit), we have selected a two-piece design for our rear discs. Using an aluminium bell (or top hat) bolted to a separate steel disc, the unsprung weight is reduced by around 7%.

The ventilated design effectively dissipates heat, while the grooved disc surfaces clear gases released from the pads when hot and help to keep that pad surface clean.

Motorsport-specification, highest quality materials and construction

    The VWR Rear Disc Upgrade is a direct replacement disc for the Golf 5/6/7 and other models such as Scirocco R and Audi S3 that use the larger 310mm ventilated disc as standard.

    As we have retained the exact 310mm x 22mm dimensions of the original factory disc, no changes whatsoever are needed to the standard caliper, pads or mounting hardware.

    This has the benefit of reducing cost, whilst retaining the reliability and fitting benefits of an OEM part, and ensuring a good range of pad brand choices exists.

    The VWR Rear Disc Upgrade is also a chance for owners of cars with solid rear discs (such as Golf GTI) to upgrade their smaller rear brake calipers with those from one of the cars above, and then to fit these rear discs; hence upgrading your rear brakes to a much higher specification.



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