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Advant Garde Bespoke Program

For those few who seek genuine exclusivity, the Avant Garde Bespoke is a new program catered to those who demand a tailored wheel customized to the their specifications.

The Bespoke program allows for custom 5-lug bolt patterns, custom offsets, and a custom center bore for precise fitment. Each available width offers a unique concavity profile that is unaffected by changes in offset.

There are 3 Levels of the Bespoke Program depending on the finish you are looking for. Here is a quick run down.

Bespoke Level 1 - single stage powdercoat (black, gunmetal, gold, bronze, blue, red, yellow, white, etc...) +$300/set

Bespoke Level 2 - OEM paint matching, color matched finishes (includes paint matched aluminum "AG" center cap on compatible designs) +$450/set

Bespoke Level 3 - two-tone, anodized, polished, brushed, candy and special colors. +$650/set

View the entire Avant Garde Wheel Lineup


Bespoke Level 1 Colors single stage powdercoat

B1-Bronze-Burst-M310 B1-Candy-Teal-M310 B1-Dolphin-Grey B1-Gloss-Red-M510 B1-Lucido-White-M510 B1-Matte-Black-M510 B1-Matte-Black-M580 B1-Matte-Bronze-Burst-M580 B1-Matte-Gold B1-Midnight-Purple-M510 B1-Technica-Titanium-M590 B1-Tiffany-Blue

Bespoke Level 2 (Color Match)


Bespoke Level 3 - two-tone, anodized, polished, brushed, candy and special colors

B3-Brushed Turquoise-F130 B3-Brushed Turquoise-M510 B3-Brushed-Antique-Copper B3-Brushed-Bubblegum B3-Brushed-Candy-Apple-Red-M540 B3-Brushed-Candy-Apple-Red-M590 B3-Brushed-Champagne-M510 B3-Brushed-Champagne-M590 B3-Brushed-Cognac B3-Brushed-Copper B3-Brushed-Electron-Blue B3-Brushed-Frozen-Blue B3-Brushed-Fuchsia B3-Brushed-Gold-Bullion B3-Brushed-Grigio B3-Brushed-M590 B3-Brushed-Machined B3-Brushed-Polished-Brilliant-Gold B3-Brushed-Polished-Grigio-M580 B3-Brushed-Raspberry B3-Brushed-Stainless-M590 B3-Brushed-Tangerine-M510 B3-Brushed-with-Gloss-Black-M510 B3-Candy-Apple-Red B3-Dual-Black-M220 B3-Gold-Bullion B3-Matte-Antique-Bronze-M310 B3-Matte-Antique-Bronze-M510 B3-Matte-Antique-Bronze-M590 B3-Matte-Antique-Copper B3-Matte-Brushed-Antique-Bronze-M310 B3-Matte-Brushed-Antique-Bronze-M580 B3-Matte-Brushed-Antique-Bronze-M590 B3-Matte-Brushed-Black-Cherry B3-Matte-Brushed-Copper B3-Matte-Brushed-Stainless-M510 B3-Passion-Pearl B3-Polished-Cognac B3-Polished-Copper B3-Polished-Copper-F141 B3-Polished-Electron-Blue B3-Polished-Liquid-Bronze-M540 B3-Polished-M580 B3-Polished-with-Polished-Grigio-M580 B3-Prism-Purple-M510 B3-Red-Velvet-M540 B3-Sapphire-Blue B3-Satin-Rose-Gold B3-Smoked-Mirror B3-Smoked-Mirror-F232 B3-Smoked-Mirror-F240



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