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So you've got a MK7 - congratulations! The Volkswagen MK7 GTI is one of the most popular vehicles around for modifying and tuning- and for good reason. Its already quick right off the lot, it looks great, has ample storage and room for passengers (depending on your amount of doors) and it has a huge amount of aftermarket support. Whether you're looking to make your daily driver a bit quicker, or to turn your MK7 into a full blown race car, UroTuning has the parts and the knowledge to help you get where you need to be with your build! Scroll and read below to see some of our favorite upgrades for the MK7 platform!

Performance Software + Tunes

We love to recommend performance software and tunes to our customers because they are dollar for dollar the most bang for your bucks when it comes to added horsepower. A wide range of tunes from brands like Unitronic, Integrated Engineering, GIAC, and more will allow you to plug your MK7 GTI into a laptop right in your own garage, and gain 100+ horsepower within a matter of minutes. Tunes and performance software are a great starting point, allowing you to update or add on to your tune as you add extra performance parts further down the line in your build. Scroll down to see some of our most popular performance software and tuning options for your MK7 GTI!

Unitronic Performance Software

  • Engineered with Strict Industry Standards
  • Extensively Tested Under Various Driving Conditions
  • Factory Safety Limiters Retained
  • Greatest Power and Torque Gains in the Industry, Guaranteed!
  • Optimized Responsiveness and Drivability
  • Optimized Smoothness and Driving Comfort
  • Power Delivery Perfectly Optimized Throughout the Power Band
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Speed Governor Removed
  • Lower End Hesitation (Lag) Removed

Integrated Engineering Performance Tuning

  • Stage 1 & Stage 2 files available for any level of bolt-on parts
  • Horsepower & torque gains maximized on stock engine & turbo
  • Switch between 91 & 93 octanes at no extra cost
  • Stock boost control entirely reworked for a much smoother driving experience
  • Rev limiter increased to 7000 RPM in manual mode or with DSG flash
  • Launch control boost pressure increased for faster starts (DSG)
  • Increased rev limiters (transmission stock shift points remain)
  • Road speed limiters removed
  • All engine protocols remain for reliability and long engine life

Suspension Components

Going faster doesn't mean much if you don't have control of your car! That's where suspension components come in. Here at UroTuning we carry a wide range of suspension components and upgrades for your MK7 GTI including lowering springs, coilovers, sway bars, control arms, and much more! Click below to learn more about our most popular suspension components for the MK7!

Coilover Suspension

Coilover suspension is one of the most popular choices for enthusiasts looking to lower their car and improve overall handling and cornering performance. With more control of your ride height, dampening, and overall stance, coilovers are a great solution if you want to improve handling and make your MK7 look more aggressive.

Here at UroTuning we carry a wide range of coilvoers including options from ST, Eibach, Forge, BC, Five8, Riaction, H&R, Solowerks, and more! Click below and explore coilover suspenion options for your GTI!

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs allow you to utilize your factory shocks, with a new spring that is tuned for a lower ride height and increased performance applications. Often less expensive than full coilover suspension, lowering springs give you an aggressive look and slightly improved handling without breaking the bank!

We carry tons of lowering spring options from all fo the industries top brands. Click below and explore lowering springs for your MK7 GTI!

Sway Bars + Anti-Roll Bars

Sway bars, also known as Anti-Roll bars, stiffen up your vehicle and improve handling during hard cornering. By stiffening your suspension and reducing body roll, upgraded sway bars allow you to take corners faster and easier.

We carry a wide range of MK7 sway bars from brand like Neuspeed, ST, H&R, 034 Motorsport, and more! Click below and explore sway bar options for your GTI!

Brake Kits

Now that you're getting from point A to point B that much faster with some added horsepower from performance software, let's make sure you have the stopping power necessary! Before you go to far with power upgrades, it's important to assess the performance of your vehicles brake system to ensure that your brakes are on par with the power and speed you're putting down. UroTuning carries a wide range of brake pads, disks, and kits ranging from OEM+ all the way to track-proven big brake kits from Forge, Brembo, StopTech and more. Scroll down to learn more about brake offerings from UroTuning.

EBC Slotted Rotor Kit with Pads

Our performance brake service kit includes rotors, pads, sensors, optional brake lines and brake fluid to make your brake upgrade easy. A complete matched kit assembled by our team of experts, will keep all of your brake components working in perfect harmony.

  • EBC Slotted / Dimpled Rotors
  • Performance Brake Pads with sensors when required
  • UroTuning Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Stop Tech STR-600 High Performance Street Brake Fluid

Forge Motorsport Big Brake Kits

If an OEM+ style brake upgrade kit isn't going to cut it for your build, let us introduce you to the Forge Motorsport Big Brake Kit! A Big Brake kit with 6 pot calipers and 356 x 32mm ventilated discs. The discs are grooved to remove braking residuals and maintain optimum performance. Included in the kit are Forge braided brakes hoses, mountings and pads.

Big brake kits from forge look great, and can handle just about anything you throw at them! Click below and shop all of our Forge brake options for your MK7!

Cold Air Intake Systems

Cold Air Intakes are often a go-to first modification for MK7 owners, and we can see why. Cold air intake systems are easy to install, and add a surprising amount of horsepower depending on your tune. Not to mention it's nice to have something shiny and new to look at every time you pop your hood to check your oil or perform maintenance.

In addition to a chunk of extra horsepower and torque, many enthusiasts opt for a cold air intake because of the aggressive turbo and engine sound an upgraded air intake can offer. Added induction sounds in conjunction with a boost in horsepower and torque make a cold air intake system one of the best bang for your buck upgrades for the MK7 - and one that you can easily install with just a few tools in an afternoon! Scroll down to see some of our favorite intake options!

IE MQB MK7/8v 2.0T + 1.8T Cold Air Intake V2

  • Gain over 10+ horsepower and torque with tuning
  • Available with optional high gloss carbon fiber lid
  • Adds aggressive motorsport turbo and engine sound
  • Full-width air inlet spans entire radiator support
  • High-flow built-in velocity stack & 5" air filter
  • 3.5" turbo inlet pipe and silicone - removes factory restrictions
  • Flow-optimized for tuned engines, hybrid turbos, and big turbo kits
  • Perfect fitment by utilizing factory airbox mounts
  • Works with/without SAI - no need to buy an extra kit

CTS Turbo Intake for MK7 Golf GTI + Golf R

  • Mandrel bent large bore 3.5″ aluminum piping with black powder coating
  • Coveted Laser etched //CTS Turbo logo
  • 3.5″ Reusable air filter with inverted cone design
  • 4 Ply silicon connectors with stainless steel clamps
  • Sealed air box
  • Bracketry to prevent rattling under engine torquing
  • Billet SAI breather adapter and filter (Optional in drop down menu)

Unitronic MQB Carbon Fiber Air Intake for MK7 Golf GTI + Golf R

  • 2/2 Twill Prepreg carbon fiber weave with molded Unitronic logo
  • UV and heat resistant clear coat (protects against discoloration)
  • Multi-ply silicone turbo inlet hose
  • Radius faced air filter base for maximum airflow
  • Smooth flow transition between filter and aluminum pipe via a ferrule provision
  • Powdercoated Aluminum inner tube
  • OEM mounting through use of Unitronic’s proprietary EPDM rubber mounting grommets
  • Airbox water drainage provisions


Downpipes + Exhaust

Another popular area for upgrades in the Volkswagen MK7 GTI is the exhaust system. With either an upgraded downpipe, an upgraded cat-back system, or both, a new exhaust system for your GTI will get you added horsepower, torque, and of course the added volume and roar you're looking for with your build!

Exhaust and downpipe upgrades can be some of the most rewarding upgrades to your vehicle, because every time you step on the gas, you hear and feel the difference! Keep in mind before buying an exhaust or downpipe it is important to do your research regarding tuning requirements as well as overall sound and volume of the system itself. Scroll down and check out some of our most popular MK7 exhaust and downpipe options!

ARM Motorsports Downpipe for MK7

Stock downpipes rob your MK7 engine with high back-pressure suffocating your turbo and stifling your power goals. Replacing your OEM downpipe with the ARM MK7 Downpipe will significantly improve exhaust flow, reducing the back-pressure generated by your turbocharger.

The result of the increased exhaust flow is faster turbo spool, increased power and torque, and a nice improvement in exhaust note. Pair it with an exhaust for even better results!

CTS Turbo MQB Downpipe for MK7

The CTS Turbo downpipe allows your exhaust gases to flow smoothly, freeing up the additional ponies that you want, all while look amazing. Highlights of the CTS downpipe include CNC machined turbine discharge (downpipe) flange, mandrel bent 3″ stainless steel tubing, modular design making installation of a catalytic converter simple and straight forward, and smooth transitions allowing for optimal exhaust gas flow.

IE 3" Catted Downpipe MQB MK7

When upgrading your VW MK7 or Audi 8V A3 to stage 2 software you will also need to reduce the back pressure caused by the small diameter stock pipe - the IE downpipe does just that!

IE engineers guarantee a perfect fit by designing all IE downpipes in-house using the latest technology. Digital scanning is used to scan the entire environment which ensures that there is proper clearance and that all mounting points are in the correct location. Manufactured from 304 stainless offers a life-long product that brings performance and fun to the table for years to come.

AWE Tuning Track Edition MK7 Exhaust

  • Max gains of 21 hp and 24 ft-lbs of torque at the crank without software (full turboback)
  • Handcrafted from CNC mandrel-bent 3" and 2.25" U.S.-sourced .065" wall T304L stainless steel
  • Direct bolt-on for factory-like simplicity
  • 102mm double-walled tips available in chrome silver or diamond black
  • Less is more: clean, straight-through design maximizes performance
  • Easily convert from Track Edition to Touring Edition, or vice versa
  • Dyno-developed and street-proven on the in-house AWE MK7 GTI

IE MK7 Performance Exhaust

IE engineers set out to create a true Motorsport exhaust system with the sound, fit, and finish that belongs on the best quality builds. Making an exhaust loud is the easy part, engineering one to sound good is the challenge.

Extensive sound design and testing was employed to develop the perfect suitcase muffler for this engine that delivers an exciting exhaust note without the need for a resonator or any performance killing exhaust restrictions. Get the most out of your performance upgrades without deafening cabin noise, rasp, or rattles.

Everything needed to simply bolt your new GTI catback to either the stock or IE downpipe is included in the box!

Unitronic 3" Exhaust for MK7

Unitronic Cat-Back Exhaust System for the MK7.5 GTI equipped with the 2.0 TSI EA888 Gen 3 MQB engine features 3-inch T304 Stainless Steel mandrel bent tubing, high density, high temperature glass fiber packed mufflers, polished or black 4" slash cut exhaust tips and high quality v-band fasteners with T316 Stainless Steel flanges. These attributes combined with extensive R&D testing, help ensure perfect fitment and maximum performance, while maintaining a comfortable and unobtrusive exhaust tone inside the cabin.


Interior Upgrades

Interior upgrades are one of the easiest and funnest ways to personalize your vehicle. Since every time you drive you interact with the interior of your vehicle, interior mods make sense because you are always seeing, touching, and interacting with them. Unlike certain engine or suspension mods you see interior mods every time you drive! Scroll below and check out some of our recommendation for awesome MK7 interior upgrades and modifications!

UroTuning Edition Shift Knob

Working in conjunction with Sportshifters, we are proud to introduce the first-ever UroTuning Edition shift knob!

We have created a completely brand new and custom shift knob design that will work on most modern VW/Audi group cars! See below for confirmed fitments.

Choose from 3 different variations! Pick from a carbon fiber window, a perforated leather window, or rock a clean and simple design with no window at all!

Black Forest Industries Shift Knob

Black Forest Industries offers a huge selection of milled weighted shift knobs all of which offer the ultimate design and build quality.

Incorporating materials like perforated leather, alcantra, suede, ceramic coatings, and raw metal, BFI is sure to have a shift knob that matches your car and your style.

Click below and explore all of the options from BFI available for your vehicle!

P3 Multi-Gauges

P3 Gauges offer a Multifunction gauge that gives you the all information you need and more while maintaining a simple and clean OEM look.

Starting at a price competitive to single feature old-school needle gauges, they offer unmatched feature to price ratio. All P3 Multi-Gauges include an on-the-fly configuration menu for setting units (BAR/PSI, Farenheit/Celsius MPH/KPH), Shift light, analog boost sensor calibration and more.

Keep track of your MK7 GTI parameters with style!


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