AccuAir e-Level+ with Endo CVT Complete Management System NLA

Part# Accuair-eLevel-Plus-CVT

AccuAir e-Level+ with Endo CVT Complete Management System

The revolutionary e-Level+ and Endo CVT combination is finally a reality! Available from UroTuning with kits IN Stock and Ready to ship! All you need to do is add bags and airline!

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Accuair e-Level Plus Complete Kit

AccuAir e-Level+ Control System
e-Level+ is the highly anticipated next generation air suspension controller from AccuAir built on the longest running foundation of technology in the industry. This new generation control system is Bluetooth 5.0 enabled and provides a simpler user experience, with even better performance and reliability, while answering the requests of customers from every corner of the globe. Whether you choose to start simple with the upgradable e+ Connect wireless switchbox, or opt to start with the best by adding height sensors and the next level Touchpad+, you will be guaranteed to find the features and value that meet your needs. As always, you can count on the most accurate air suspension controller in the world from AccuAir and you'll drive comfortably and consistently knowing that the core of every e-Level+ system has been proven on more than 40,000 vehicles over 10 years.

For the ultimate in form and function, the intuitive TouchPad is the top of the line interface option for the e-Level Controller. Hand held or mountable, the TouchPad gives full manual control over each air spring individually as well as front and rear air spring control in pairs. Saving and accessing your three preset heights is only a touch away and a yellow glowing ring around each button clearly indicates the current vehicle height. The All-Down button fully deflates the vehicle for parking. Every button offers a crisp, tactile feel and is backlit with crystal white LEDs for clear daytime and nighttime operation.

Features List (*With Height Sensors and Touchpad)

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connection for Smartphone App
  • Magnetic Mount for e+ Touchpad
  • Compressor Status Indicator on e+ Touchpad
  • Connectorless Touchpad cable allows handheld or panel mounting
  • Visual display of your height % in App
  • Adjustable RGB Backlighting for ECU
  • Battery Saver Mode sleeps after 24 hours
  • Over the air updates
  • (3) User Definable height-based presets
  • RideMonitor Mode
  • Easy All Down Functionality
  • Manual Control Mode for each bag (individually or front/rear pairs)
  • Accurate to within 1/8
  • Optional Rise-on-Start
  • Automatic System Calibration
  • User Definable System Sensitivity
  • User Definable Compressor ON/OFF Pressure Setting

Accuair ENDO CVT Tank

AccuAir ENDO CVT Tank
AccuAir's patent pending ENDO-CVT takes streamlined appearance and ease of installation to an entirely new level by integrating the industry's first air compressor within the air tank as well as integrating the air spring solenoid valves directly into the air tank end caps themselves. Yet, the ENDO is far more than just components moved inside the air tank (which only consume 0.5 gallons of volume)... AccuAir partnered with WABCO to bring the quietest, most efficient, and moisture free air compressor that the market has ever seen. This single compressor does the work of two industry standard units at 200 psi. The ENDO-CVT also represents AccuAir’s next generation of solenoid valve technology that includes VFC (variable flow control) in addition to D.O.T. approved fully filtered and rebuild-able FFPTC (fully-filtered push-to-connect) fittings.


    • The internal WABCO compressor refills the tank with completely dry air at a rate twice as fast as the current market standard compressor.
    • Internal ECU monitors tank pressure, compressor head temperature, and ambient moisture levels to optimize compressor operation, provide maximum duty cycle, as well as regenerate the built-in desiccant air dryer as required.
    • The patent pending primary and secondary isolation system that softly suspends the compressor inside the tank, eliminating compressor vibrations from being transmitted into the vehicle's body or chassis.
    • Modular and bolted construction eliminates leaky welds and makes disassembly possible for upgrades.
    • Extruded internal rails house embedded mounting locations along the tank providing clamp-less attachment of ENDO-Mount™ brackets and accessories.
    • The only DOT Approved Aluminum air tank for air suspension. Certified to 200 psi and tested to an incredible 1324 psi burst pressure.
    • The upgradeable air management platform with modular new product releases from AccuAir.
    • Built-in DOT approved and rebuild-able Push-To-Connect fittings.
    • Filtered Ports: FFPTC™ air fittings eliminate the risk of debris-induced valve problems common with all other solenoid valves on the market.
    • Adjustable Flow Control: Built-in VFC™ adjusters allow for end user adjustment of the speed of each corner and each direction individually.
    • 4-Corner configuration for Front / Rear / Right / Left systems.
    • Available in Anodized Finishes: Raw Silver, Gray, Black, and Bronze.
    • 3 Gallon Tank Dims = 18-5/16" x 6-5/8"

ENDO CVT Hardware Included:
  • Includes black nickel plated fittings and a built in 400 spi blow-off valve to ensure safe use.
  • ENDO™ Quick Release - ENDO-QR™ mounting system allows easy installation and even easier air management assembly outside the vehicle.
  • Optional AccuAir Power Supply Kit is not necessary if power supply and tank are both located in trunk.

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