Based out of Gilbert, Arizona, Agency Power has established itself as one of the core aftermarket companies for niche tuner products. Agency Power is constantly developing new functional and race proven products. Innovative products including carbon air intakes, intercoolers, hoses, Y-pipes, and more give Agency Power an edge to take your vehicle to the next level!

Agency Power manufacturers its products with extensive in depth product testing, racing application, and quality control in mind. Agency Power has developed a reputation for creating top of the line performance products that are perfect for any build!


One of the most popular aftermarket upgrades for any vehicle, and for good reason, the cold air intake increases engine combustion and is an easy to install way to add a horsepower! Agency Power has taken the typical cold air intake design and expanded upon it with a range of lightweight powder-coated aluminum and carbon fiber options.

Each intake and heat shield features the AP logo neatly cut out from the shield panel for added aesthetics under the hood, and are finished in a matte black powder coat for an OEM look, while the cylindrical air filter features a gorgeous pop of color.


Agency Power designs intercooler solutions made to stand up to serious power! The bar and plate intercooler core is designed to provide maximum cooling efficiency for turbo cars producing up to 950 horsepower.

These cast end tanks are meticulously fabricated out of high quality light weight aluminum and then precision welded to the thick racing upgraded cores. The ends of the intercoolers are designed to work with your factory style boost hose fittings or the Agency Power silicone boost hose kit. These intercoolers retain the factory mounting positions and come in a polished finished varieties!


Agency Power has engineered a beautiful sounding range of exhaust systems that increase performance and look great. While offering a stylish alternative to enhance appearance, the Agency Power Stainless Steel Exhaust System is a simple bolt on design. The exhaust is designed to replace the factory system from the stock downpipe back. The lighter muffler delete exhaust saves crucial weight over the factory exhaust as well.

Agency Power exhaust system are specifically developed to increase horsepower and torque. In addition, the Agency Power Exhaust gives the Vyour vehicle a race inspired sound and frees up air flow for maximum performance.


Agency Power manufactures a range of hoses that are designed to improve air flow by not allowing the hoses to expand under boost pressure. Like a brake line, when under pressure, the factory hoses can expand. The silicone tube keeps the structural integrity thus not changing boost pressure and keeping your power up. The factory rubber hoses can deteriorate over time and even blow out! These boost hoses have been tested to over 30psi.

Dress your engine bay up, as these hoses are available in matching colors with our boost hoses. Red, Blue, Silver, and more are all available.

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