The 7 Best VW Mk7 Golf R Mods & Performance Upgrades

Best VW Mk7 Golf R Mods

The Volkswagen MK7 Golf R is one of the most popular vehicles for modifying and tuning, and for a good reason. It's already quick right off the lot, looks great, has ample room for storage and passengers, and Mk7 mods can take this ride to the next level. Whether you're looking to make your daily driver a bit quicker or to turn your Golf R into a full-blown race car, UroTuning has the parts and the knowledge to help you get where you need to be with your build!

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Mk7 Golf R power mods and tunes

MOD #1


Deciding which Mk7 Golf R mods to prioritize can be difficult. To get the most bang for your buck, start with a performance engine tune. Engine control unit (ECU) software will increase your Mk7 Golf R's horsepower by modifying boost, fueling, ignition maps, and more. The dollar per HP gain is unmatched by any other Mk7 Golf R mods you could make to your engine. In addition to the engine, there are also tunes for your transmission. Automatic or Dual Clutch equipped cars can benefit from a Transmission Control Unit (TCU) tune to deliver increased power, higher RPM limit, faster shifts, optimized shift points, adjustable launch control, and additional transmission performance. Here are some of the top brands we'd recommend for Mk7 mods and tunes:

VW Mk7 Golf R Tunes from Top Brands

Mk7 Golf R air intakes

MOD #2


Your engine is essentially an air pump, so the more air you pump, the more power it will make! The intake system is heavily restricted from the factory to keep things quiet and optimized for low-end torque. Upgrading to a performance cold air intake will allow your engine to ingest more cold air, which will add better throttle response, sound great, and add some extra horsepower to your modded Golf R.

VW Mk7 Golf R Cold Air Intakes from Top Brands

mk7 golf r exhausts

MOD #3


VW Mk7 Golf R mods for your exhaust system can unleash the full power of your engine. Aftermarket exhaust systems and upgrades provide a quicker, more efficient route for the exhaust gasses in your engine to escape, allowing the engine to breathe easier and make more horsepower. Because of fewer restrictions and better flow, the sweet sounds that a performance exhaust creates are a big reason you want to upgrade your Mk7 Golf R exhaust system.

VW Mk7 Golf R Exhaust Mods from Top Brands

Mk7 Golf R upgrades and downpipes

MOD #4


If you’re ready to unleash more power in your modded Mk7 Golf R modded vehicle, then it’s time to upgrade your downpipe. This easy Mk7 Golf R upgrade is a huge way to increase your engine’s horsepower. Reducing restriction and increasing airflow right after the turbo allows for significant power gains compared to the factory downpipe. Not only will power gains be plentiful you will also net some quite nice sound when upgrading the downpipe. It's a win-win for sure!

VW Mk7 Golf R Downpipes from Top Brands


MOD #5


To achieve that lowered stance, there are three options among the best VW Mk7 Golf R mods for suspension systems on the market today: lowering springs, coilovers, or an Air Ride System.

1. Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are generally going to give you a more subtle drop. With springs, no adjustments can be made (unless you go with some Adjustable Lowering Springs).

2. Coilovers

If you want to dial it in or adjust it fully just how you want, then adjustable Coilovers may be the best fit for you.

3. Air Ride System

Want to lay frame at the show but also want to be able to get over speed bumps without problems? Then go all in on a complete Air Ride System. Full-ride height adjustability at the press of a button! Your budget will ultimately decide which path you take, but lowering is among the Mk7 mods!

VW Mk7 Golf R Suspension Upgrades

Mk7 Golf R wheels and rims

MOD #6


Wheels can change the entire look of your car in an instant. At UroTuning, we firmly believe in getting new wheels after you lower your car. It’s practically an unwritten law! Upgrading your Mk7 Golf R wheels gives you curb appeal and extra detail, proving you aren’t just another stock car on the road. Many options and price points for Mk7 Golf R wheels are available, so choose wisely.

VW Mk7 Golf R Wheels from Top Brands

Mk7 Golf R brakes

MOD #7


Let's face it - when thinking about Mk7 Golf R mods, the first thought is always more power! OEM pads are a good choice, but there are better options among our Mk7 Golf R upgrades!

UroTuning recommends, at minimum, a good set of Ceramic Brake Pads. These pads will shed less dust and have more bite for better stopping power. For even faster stops, upgrade rotors to slotted or drilled units. Want to go all in on stopping for your Mk7 Golf R modded brake system? A Big Brake kit will give you the best braking setup and look good simultaneously!

VW Mk7 Golf R Brake Options

Frequently Asked Questions About Mk7 Golf R Mods

What Mods Can You Do to an Mk7 Golf R?

You can do a variety of modifications on an Mk7 Golf R to enhance its performance and aesthetics. Here are a few popular options:

  • Performance Mods: ECU tuning (also known as remapping), aftermarket air intakes, high-performance exhaust systems, uprated intercoolers, and turbo upgrades. These can increase horsepower, torque, and overall engine performance.
  • Handling Mods: Lowering springs, coilovers, upgraded sway bars, and performance brakes can enhance the car's handling, making it more responsive and fun to drive.
  • Aesthetic Mods: These include body kits, aftermarket wheels, interior modifications (such as racing seats and shift knobs), and custom paint or vinyl wraps. These can give your Golf R a unique and personalized look.
  • Tech Mods: Upgrades such as aftermarket infotainment systems, speaker upgrades, and performance monitors can enhance the driving experience and provide more data about your vehicle's performance.

Is the Mk7 Golf R Fast?

Yes, the Mk7 Golf R is generally considered fast and also easy to modify. The aftermarket industry supports the Golf R platform well, and a wealth of knowledge, guides, and tutorials are available online to help install parts. However, the complexity of the modification can vary. Simple modifications like an aftermarket air intake can be done with basic tools and some know-how. In contrast, more complex modifications like an ECU remap or turbo upgrade might require professional installation to ensure it's done correctly and safely.

How Much HP Can You Get Out of a Mk7 Golf R?

The Mk7 Golf R comes with around 292 horsepower from the factory. With modifications, the potential for increased horsepower is substantial. Simple Full Page Optimizations - UroTuning Page 46 modifications like an ECU remap can increase this to around 350 horsepower. More extensive modifications, including a turbo upgrade, exhaust system upgrade, and performance intake system, can increase the horsepower to over 400. However, it's important to note that these are rough estimates, and the actual increase will depend on the specific modifications made and the quality of the parts and installation. Also, significantly increasing your car's power may require supporting modifications to the transmission, drivetrain, and brakes to handle the increased power and ensure safe and reliable operation.

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