Revolve Wheels is a fresh new company looking to break the mold of current wheel companies. Consisting of designs that will outlast trends and look fresh for years to come, each set of Revolve Wheels are engineered with specific vehicles in mind to provide an aggressive, yet functional fitment per application.

APVD No. 0119

Designed with the enthusiast in mind, APVD No. 0119 brings a fresh perspective to the import, European, and domestic market. This modernized design has plenty of features and finishes along with ample amount of brake clearance for vehicles equipped with an aggressive brake system.

Available in 18" and 19" sizes with fitments for 5x100, 5x112, 5x114.3, 5x120 and custom blanks for any application.

APVD No. 1219

Another fantastic cast offering from Revolve Wheels is the APVD No. 1219 wheel. Its unique style is a clean and simple design that works on many generations. With a center-lock style center-cap and a split five spoke design, the 1219 offers a motorsport inspired look perfect for a sporty and aggressive street car.

These wheels are blank meaning you can request a bolt pattern to be drilled at an extra cost.

APVD No. 0520

The Revolve Wheels APVD No. 0520 is based around an era of "Street Styling" in a classic 5-spoke design. Revolve decided to introduce a new flat face profile to bring you one of the largest lip sizes on the market while still maintaining a large amount of big brake clearance. For the APVD No. 0520, Revolve continued the same motorsport-inspired center-lock style center cap with addition to a center plate contoured into our design.

The Revolve APVD No. 0520 is a classic looking wheel that looks great on any vehicle!


Revolve Wheels challenge is to “break the mold” in today’s industry by creating a powerful expression of individuality in a visionary 3-piece forged wheel. Featuring 6061 aerospace grade forged aluminum centers heat treated to T6, light weight rim halves, stainless steel hardware, and backpad pocketing; all of which can be optioned with multiple center profiles and 3-piece configurations. This guarantees every set to be truly one of a kind tailored specifically to your vehicle and lifestyle.

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