Vargas Turbo Technologies (VTT) is dedicated to providing the best product with the best quality, price, and build. Best of all, you can rest assured knowing that your turbocharger will be designed or selected for your specific needs. Turbo chargers aren’t a “one size fits all” solution and VTT have the experience it takes to ensure that you select the right turbocharger for your engine.



From OEM turbochargers to aftermarket turbochargers to custom turbocharger design, VTT has an application to tailor a turbocharger for your engine based on your engine’s specifications and overall build. VTT has a rigorous analysis and testing procedure that allows them to fabricate or help with the selection process of a turbocharger for the job.

VTT also ensures that your turbocharger, whether rebuilt, purchased new, or custom designed, is made with the highest quality parts and components under the guidance of their experienced and capable hands.

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