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Part# Eurodyne-Power-Tap

Does This Fit Your Car?

Eurodyne now offers Stage 1 software for the 2017+ Audi RS3/TTRS 2.5 TFSI!

Stage 1

  • Performance Software Precisely Engineered to Run on a Completely Stock Car.
  • 91 octane fuel: +67 HP & +79 TQ
  • 93 octane fuel: +85 HP & +92 TQ
    Flashed directly through the (OBDII) Diagnostic port of your vehicle (~30 minutes).
    Powertap Flash Tool
    This vehicle has added support through the Powertap Flash Tool which allows you to program your own vehicle right in your own garage.
    Features for all Stages
    • Engineered with Strict Industry Standards
    • Extensively Tested Under Various Driving Conditions
    • Factory Safety Limiters Retained
    • Greatest Power and Torque Gains in the Industry, Guaranteed!
    • Optimized Responsiveness and Drivability
    • Optimized Smoothness and Driving Comfort
    • Power Delivery Perfectly Optimized Throughout the Power Band
    • Improved Fuel Efficiency
    • Speed Governor Removed
    • Lower End Hesitation (Lag) Removed

    contact us for details on having your car tuned at our store. Call or Text 813-444-7021

    NOTE: This software is also available to be installed locally at the UroTuning facility in Tampa Florida . Call us to setup an appointment at 813-444-7021

    Upgrade Policy: Once you have purchased the reflash, you can switch between available file versions including stock software for no additional charge from Eurodyne. The included flash software will allow you to perform data-logging and supports some diagnostic functions such as clearing fault codes and the ability to scan and recode other modules in the vehicle.

    Powertap Flash Cable


    This package will allow anyone with a Windows PC or tablet with USB port, and an internet connection to flash their ecu with our stage 1 or stage 2 software.

    With the included Powertap interface and

    Eurodyne flash software you can switch between available stages and even flash the ecu back to stock if necessary.

    Also included is diagnostic software that will allow you to check and clear fault codes, and datalog engine parameters.

    Certain models support recoding of some modules as well. See the applicable stage 1 and stage 2 software product pages for details on power increases for your model.

    We support port flashing for all models now, no ecu removal is required.

    Screenshots for datalogging vary depending on the model. Due to the large number of different ecu codes, there may be a delay in adding support for new or rare software versions.

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