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2020 is ringing in a lot of exciting new changes, including within the car industry. This year, manufacturers are working to make cars more powerful, more efficient, and more comfortable than ever. One company at the top of its game in 2020 is Audi.

The 2020 Audi lineup brings an all-new level of luxury and power to the game. From their lane and high-beam assist to the heated steering wheel and rear seats, the 2020 Audis are a whole new kind of amazing. Read on to learn more about the updates Audi is rolling out in their 2020 models.


The A3 is Audi’s baseline sedan, with retail prices starting around $33,000. It comes in two models: the Sport, which features front-wheel drive, and the S, which has quattro all-wheel drive. This year, the S line quattro has replaced the old Sedan quattro.

In addition to the Sedan replacement, Audi has added a new color to the A3 lineup for 2020: Quantum Gray. They’ve added an interior storage package, high-beam assist, and a Bang and Olufsen sound system to the Premium Plus option. They have also discontinued the A3 Cabriolet, so if you want that model, head to the dealership now.


The Audi A6, introduced in 2019 as the new sedan for the digital age, has gotten some upgrades in 2020. The car now features a lane departure warning and heated, auto-dimming, and power folding exterior side mirrors. These features, as well as high-beam assist and the vehicle immobilizer now come standard on the Premium trim.

The Premium Plus steps things up a notch in 2020 with Audi’s virtual cockpit and a heated steering wheel. And if you want to really kick things into high gear, check out the Prestige version of the A6. This trim features adaptive cruise assist, traffic sign recognition, active lane departure, intersection assist, and heated rear seats.


The A7 was Audi’s other new sedan for 2019, and it, too, has gotten a facelift for the new decade. When you buy Premium, you’ll now get lane departure assist, high-beam assist, and the auto-dimming and power-folding side mirrors. You can also add the heated steering wheel as part of an additional Convenience package or as part of the Premium Plus trim.

If you want the driver assistance package and the heated rear seats, you’ll need to upgrade to the Prestige trim level. The virtual cockpit starts showing up in the Premium Plus level and up. This sexy luxury sedan has a starting retail price of $69,000.


The A8 has long been the flagship sedan of the Audi line, and this year’s model is all about greater style and comfort. This year, the A8 has seen the addition of Audi’s signature virtual cockpit and the lane departure warning feature. The vehicle immobilizer and motion sensor have also been added as standard components on the A8.

If you like, you can upgrade to the Executive package, which includes multi-colored interior ambient lighting. You can also get an optional black exterior trim and twenty-inch wheels. 2020 has also seen the addition of HD matrix-design LED headlights with Audi laser light technology, as well as dynamic all-wheel steering.


The Q5 is Audi’s crossover and also their bestselling model. The 2020 update brings even more features to the standard trim for the car, including all-season tires and high-beam assist to carry you safely to every adventure. But there are also extra bells and whistles you can add by upgrading to some of the extra packages.

The Convenience Plus package adds a wireless charging pad and signal booster for your phone. You’ll also get a parking assistance system with front and rear acoustic sensors. And the Premium Plus trim level now includes adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist and active lane assist.


The Q8 is Audi’s luxury line crossover, and in 2020, it steps up from the Q5 in several important ways. The Premium trim now comes with high-beam assist, lane departure warnings, and the vehicle immobilizer and motion sensor. It also adds Audi’s virtual cockpit with the Plus trim package.

The S line style package can get you the sleek flair of the A3 and the power of the Q5. You’ll get twenty-one-inch wheels with all-season tires, illuminated door sills, S line fender badges, and a “Singleframe mask” in body color. The Luxury package offers premium air quality with ionizer and fragrance options


The R8 is Audi’s top-of-the-line sports coupe, and 2020 has brought it to all new heights. As of 2020, the R8 and the Spyder both top out at 200 miles per hour, a feat which in itself should be enough to sway anyone who was still on the fence about these cars. But Audi didn’t stop there in their 2020 update.

The R8 also features new lateral air intakes and oval exhaust pipes, honeycomb air outlets, and a diffuser in the rear bumper. The lower trim is finished in either high-gloss black or titanium color. And ceramic brake calipers are now available in either gray or red.


The Audi TT, the company’s baseline coupe, got a few updates of its own for 2020. The car now sports the vehicle immobilizer and motion sensor, as well as optional red brake calipers. And as of this year, you can get the TT in Pulse Orange. 

Discover the 2020 Audi Lineup 

The 2020 Audi lineup features some impressive updates this year. The addition of the virtual cockpit and the driver-assist features are major improvements, as well as the upgrades to the coupes. Check out the new Audi features and upgrade your ride for 2020.

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